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19-1test quote please ignoremistiry2020-07-03 19:27:05 CDT
138-1rpifan> selinux, i thought u stole money and a car from ircd12020-07-28 13:16:05 CDT
3280<oxipital> i'm going to start a #sysadmin-newb channel <@killdash9> oxipital: we have that. It's called DiscordJollyRgrs2020-09-01 16:24:43 CDT
970<ekaj> rpifan: what is your 5 year plan? <Fritzwastaken> Prolly his, chin, some lipo, some more botoxmistiry2020-07-08 14:14:03 CDT
6870[10:06:47] * d1 farts DomLS3farts.comb12020-10-13 10:13:30 CDT
697-169 69 69 69 SIX NICE NINE!!!!!b12020-10-13 10:13:49 CDT
7070<derpadmin> stop it xe0n, quote 64 gives me a notification and then I think I have friendsxe0n2020-10-13 17:30:10 CDT
460<@DoTheNeedful> Our servers, which art in the colo, hallowed be thy ports. Thy packets come, the needful will be done, on Windows as it is on *nix. Give us this day our daily logfiles, and forgive us our typos as we forgive those who make typos, and lead us not to the cloud but deliver us new hardware, for thine is the system, and the network, and the blinkenlights, ^Mmistiry2020-07-04 14:28:03 CDT
76-1<+d1> everyone comes for the db12020-07-06 19:19:29 CDT
8360<PublicWiFi> how in the heck do I import passwords from the windows web cred manager to chrome -.- <PublicWiFi> why is windows always garbaged12020-11-03 10:51:15 CST
1550<rpifan> i can always improve <d1> improve doesn't mean more Botoxmistiry2020-07-29 19:51:05 CDT
1850[04.08.2020.11:05:36] <+s-d> <J​ohnPrem> I dislike discord ever since i found out the majority of staff were furriesxe0n2020-08-03 20:05:55 CDT
2750<m4221> xe0n answer my fucking pms <xe0n> nahxe0n2020-08-13 00:41:35 CDT
355-1<xe0n> i did get my wetsuit out of the car boot the other day lol <enix> you should probably dry it out <xe0n> it was dry <@d1> so it was a dry suitxe0n2020-09-03 23:29:27 CDT
3850<m4221> I just do the bare minimum not to get cannedenix2020-09-09 00:29:11 CDT
4550<@d1> I hear gateway laptops are good <locknet> d1, I didn't hear it before <xe0n> how old are you? <locknet> xe0n, 22 bro <xe0n> yepxe0n2020-09-14 00:44:47 CDT
6150"<PublicWiFi> im the biggest dum dum around"int0x1C82020-09-28 14:38:16 CDT
735014:52:08 <+s-d> <J​et> Anyways I’m really going outside and yes Ill most likely have sex. You nerds keep the computer on so I can watch funny memes when I get back homed12020-10-15 14:52:40 CDT
240<+d1> Yeah fuck those spammersJollyRgrs2020-07-04 01:43:41 CDT
1240selinux> so 3 months into voice acting selinux> i booked a national tv ad selinux> i cried over itd12020-07-28 13:03:55 CDT
1940[04.08.2020.16:52:35] <Motion> yeah, thanks ill fetch the call. Btw; u know whats their telnet-port? [04.08.2020.16:52:42] <Hunterkll> 69 [04.08.2020.16:52:42] <xe0n> 69 [04.08.2020.16:52:44] <Motion> thx [04.08.2020.16:52:54] <Hunterkll> xe0n, great minds... ;)xe0n2020-08-04 01:53:20 CDT
3740<JollyRgrs> d1: dude, i was v. impressed at how firm it was, like a new hole!fritzwastaken2020-09-08 08:23:57 CDT
6440<+s-d> <S​XEPhilFan2007> @derpadmin I can't even find "Xe0n" or "Xeon" mail filter on googlexe0n2020-10-09 20:27:52 CDT
7640<Patrick> clearly my baby batter wasn't wanted fritzwastaken <misspwn_> perhaps your baby batter has too much gluten, and we're tryin to avoid getting autismxe0n2020-10-21 21:22:38 CDT
784021:23:02 <MikeSpears> pfsense is a great routerd12020-10-26 21:26:12 CDT
11040[12:05:38] <corn266> stupid question. if i buy a domain like `feetpicwarehouse.org`, does that mean i own all sub-domains as well? like `dirty.feetpicwarehouse.org` and `painted.toenails.feetpicwarehouse.org` ?b12020-11-18 12:07:59 CST
330<+d1> I would be genuinely sad if I could come up with a valid time where I wasn't doing something other than shitpostingmistiry2020-07-04 13:30:30 CDT
630<StrongBad> Your farts are a weapon of mass destructionmacinsight2020-07-04 14:47:52 CDT
1630[01.08.2020.00:42:53] <PublicWiFi> so either your one site has a crazy wan pipe or you have a bunch of small sites [01.08.2020.00:43:00] <PublicWiFi> 100% traffic* [01.08.2020.00:43:22] <xe0n> maccas your ass takes a crazy wan pipe [01.08.2020.00:43:33] <+d1> s/wan/man [01.08.2020.00:43:40] <PublicWiFi> egress only [01.08.2020.00:43:46] <+d1> suuuuuuuuuuuuurexe0n2020-07-31 09:44:16 CDT
1730[04.08.2020.10:57:40] <PublicWiFi> my dad is never over until I put my foot in my mouth at least once lol [04.08.2020.10:57:42] <PublicWiFi> day* [04.08.2020.10:57:46] <PublicWiFi> god damn, dad on the brainxe0n2020-08-03 19:58:15 CDT
2830<fritzwastaken> @Telnet trust me, PublicWiFi isnt the only one who goes after c1's mum <PublicWiFi> DomLS3 too <Hunterkll> yea you all shouldn't be so mean to her <Hunterkll> she is a fine upstanding community bicycle <PublicWiFi> lol <fritzwastaken> | with like 4 seatsPublicWiFi2020-08-13 09:47:58 CDT
4830<rpifan> im really low on money <fritzwastaken> DIdnt you just get Botox like 2 weeks ago? <rpifan> yes but this month i got paid 200 euro extra <rpifan> and thas what botox costsxe0n2020-09-15 07:39:19 CDT
5030<DomLS3> lot of quote spamming going onHunterkll2020-09-16 15:46:55 CDT
913-1[09:48:06] <JollyRgrs> https://rebecca.blackfriday [09:48:06] <l8> Title: Rebecca Black - Fridayb12020-11-06 09:48:31 CST
9730< Patrick> seriously hate this quote system.nobyk2020-11-09 14:02:58 CST
11530[10:27:24] <+s-d> <x​yz> is there a group policy that can enforce a 3090 on the video editors ou? [10:27:59] <+s-d> <x​yz> like we don't want to buy a 3090, if we can just do it through group policy [10:29:47] <+s-d> <x​yz> I mean can we just apply a GPU through softwareb12020-11-20 10:33:03 CST
1120[26.07.2020.00:35:05] <Rootsudo> wow my body is becoming a chat [26.07.2020.00:35:06] <Rootsudo> chad [26.07.2020.00:35:14] <Rootsudo> I can't even process the sentence right, it's so foreign to mexe0n2020-07-25 10:02:29 CDT
1420>ekaj I'm planning on hunting down dragonfleas from his dox and licking his feetselinux2020-07-28 13:28:42 CDT
2020estranger | college was the craziest six weeks of my lifePublicWiFi2020-08-05 13:53:12 CDT
2220[07.08.2020.23:36:06] <DomLS3> w00t my post in /r/sysadmin made it to the front page!: Congratulations! Your post made it to the front page. The first time we saw you on the front page your post was ranked 19 with 1553 comments and 5137 up votes. [07.08.2020.23:37:03] <PublicWiFi> oh noxe0n2020-08-07 08:43:58 CDT
2420[11.08.2020.13:05:57] <PublicWiFi> why is "Discover Weekly" on Spotify always garbage [11.08.2020.13:06:21] <@d1> maybe because you listen to shit music? [11.08.2020.13:06:31] <PublicWiFi> :( [11.08.2020.13:06:35] <xe0n> rektxe0n2020-08-10 22:07:00 CDT
3420<xe0n> you doing exam prep? <+a1> ye <enix> Whats the exam question <+a1> how many dicks can enix's mom fit inside <xe0n> rektxe0n2020-09-03 23:24:09 CDT
4120<int0x1C8> cowboy butts drive me nutsd12020-09-10 12:18:51 CDT
4220-- | Mode #reddit-sysadmin [+o enix] by ChanServenix2020-09-10 22:24:25 CDT
4320* m4221 ([email protected]/vpn/privateinternetaccess/m4221) has left #reddit-sysadminxe0n2020-09-13 01:58:03 CDT
4620<Motion> btw; anybody got a recommendation for a digital assesment management system? <xe0n> digital assesment management system...that's just a bunch of words put together <MaccasWiFi> those are just a bunch of words together <MaccasWiFi> LOL YESxe0n2020-09-14 08:08:45 CDT
472-1* d1 farts d1farts.comJollyRgrs2020-09-14 12:50:10 CDT
5220<l8> PublicWiFi meant: "DO YOU NOT KNOW I AM A HIGH PRIEST OF THE COCAINE ORDER?"Fritzwastaken2020-09-17 07:47:48 CDT
5320<f​elda> I've been facepalming so much lately I'm gonna start looking like a pugPublicWiFi2020-09-22 09:24:20 CDT
6220JollyRgrs> MikeSpears: yeah, I have an Abnormally Small Needledick. I heard you have an ASN, too!catbeard2020-10-02 01:35:55 CDT
6520<+s-d> <H​otmess> right time for some coffe and anime <+s-d> <H​otmess> later all hope you have a good one:) <xe0n> thats an interesting way to wank in the morningxe0n2020-10-12 07:33:22 CDT
6620* Work-BWMerlin_ ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) <xe0n> <waits for Work-BWMerlin to come in and say work internetz is borked> <Work-BWMerlin_> Another day, another issue with ubiquitixe0n2020-10-12 19:29:15 CDT
7720<derpadmin> o365 is down <aab_> Not all of 0365 is down <aab_> i can still log in to my management portal <derpadmin> made you check, trolololo <xe0n> rektxe0n2020-10-24 03:19:31 CDT
8220<@d1> People who throw parties on Thursday are the same people who paint every room in their house "egg shell white" and their adventures into "exotic" spices is red pepper flakes <fritzwastaken> d1 thats basically my mom..xe0n2020-10-30 07:55:07 CDT
9920<rpifan> i know some plumbing and electrical work <rpifan> well i installed the toilets <rpifan> and the sink <mistiry> he installed them backwards <mistiry> so now you pee in the sink <mistiry> and do the dishes in the toiletxe0n2020-11-09 18:38:23 CST
10320<Fritzwastaken> Last night I ad a dream where Shrek was turned into a lady ogre and Fionna was asked if she was cool with her and she said "Yea, im a bishreksual" and I woke up cryingJollyRgrs2020-11-13 08:40:17 CST
10620<DeepSpaceK9> I need to be more witty so I can enter the quote hall of fame.enix2020-11-13 22:33:21 CST
10820<yuken> I asked hunterkill if I looked andogrynous since he likes them traps. <JollyRgrs> so you're hitting on Hunterkll ? <JollyRgrs> geez manxe0n2020-11-17 00:46:40 CST
11220<PublicWiFi> DOMF: you can put bananas in your ass and pretend youre jerry seinfeld, idgaf :DJollyRgrs2020-11-19 12:59:27 CST
12420<Hobadee> xe0n, NAT is a natural firewall and we don't care about internal security muchxe0n2020-11-25 17:28:17 CST
51-7StrongBadmacinsight2020-07-04 14:46:36 CDT
810<JollyRgrs> niklasye: we wanted to offer help to the special and needy... discord users deserve a chance to hear our vast knowledge :Pmistiry2020-07-08 09:45:42 CDT
1010<Hunterkll> c1, oh no, i had to speak to my PISA handler in japan <Hunterkll> er i mean <Hunterkll> www.google.com/search?q=how+to+delete+irc+commentb12020-07-10 18:05:57 CDT
2110[07.08.2020.16:52:40] <nobyk> can someone with power do the needfull to get the layer-eight thing working [07.08.2020.16:53:01] <xe0n> come again [07.08.2020.16:53:04] <nobyk> lol [07.08.2020.16:53:07] <xe0n> you want me to dtn? ok [07.08.2020.16:53:11] <xe0n> !dtn nobyk [07.08.2020.16:53:11] * @DoTheNeedful nobyk [07.08.2020.16:53:14] <xe0n> :D [07.08.2020.16:53:20]xe0n2020-08-07 01:54:32 CDT
2310[11.08.2020.12:03:44] <rpifan> hey at the gay beach good looking dudes go [11.08.2020.12:03:58] <PublicWiFi> that sounds smelly [11.08.2020.12:04:04] <PublicWiFi> butt sex is so smellyxe0n2020-08-10 21:04:44 CDT
3610<rpifan> the fat ugly germans, oh they are all over me <rpifan> id rather jerk off insteadxe0n2020-09-07 10:07:17 CDT
3910catbeard | "what is this? a restaurant for owls?"enix2020-09-09 21:35:20 CDT
441-1<quote>enix2020-09-14 00:23:05 CDT
5810<krumelmonster> Also please remember xe0n: No Politics, No Religion. Please respect. <fritzwastaken> s?)Yea xe0n! <fritzwastaken> Follow the rules ya jerkxe0n2020-09-26 06:53:12 CDT
6710a12020-10-13 09:07:16 CDT
711-1@d1> s/OUO/YOUnobyk2020-10-15 07:53:01 CDT
7410<+s-d> <c​orona266> i boof 4-6 raw eggs every morningxe0n2020-10-15 20:11:57 CDT
7510<+s-d> <c​orona266> i boof 4-6 raw eggs every morningxe0n2020-10-15 20:12:28 CDT
8510<+s-d> <s​unrunner20> I wonder if non multiple of Word sized variables have a performance penalty * +s-d <s​unrunner20> wonders what % of the room he just lost * +s-d <c​orona266> wonders what % of the room you hadxe0n2020-11-05 21:17:46 CST
8610<Patrick> big dicks, small dicks, jizz dicks.- I sucked em allxe0n2020-11-05 23:00:39 CST
8710<javi404> i paid $19 for a double martini last night cause i was bored. <javi404> fuck my life <javi404> i stole the glass <javi404> no tipxe0n2020-11-05 23:16:18 CST
8810<+s-d> <a​bakedapplepie> xe0n all you do is quotexe0n2020-11-05 23:18:00 CST
9010[06.11.2020.22:51:08] <StrongBad> rpifan: do you have personal goals [06.11.2020.22:51:13] <rpifan> lots of them StrongBad [06.11.2020.22:51:15] <StrongBad> like self improvement [06.11.2020.22:51:30] <StrongBad> do you think you exhibit erratic behaviorxe0n2020-11-06 06:51:44 CST
9310b1 | Even though this is not a democracy.PublicWiFi2020-11-06 12:28:56 CST
9510[mistiry]: something happenedgrumplestiltzkin2020-11-09 13:52:31 CST
9810<mistiry> Senior Executive Director or Helpdesk Engineering <mistiry> s/or/of <l8> mistiry meant: "Seniof Executive Directof of Helpdesk Engineering" <@cryptic1> SENIOFxe0n2020-11-09 17:32:33 CST
10910<+s-d> <r​mg22893> the difference between a server and a desktop is how many phone calls you're going to get if you turn the box offxe0n2020-11-17 23:11:58 CST
11710<+s-d> <s​cruple> what are these quotes? <+s-d> <s​cruple> oh it doesn't show up here <@TurkeyGibby> yes <@TurkeyGibby> well <@TurkeyGibby> discord has a lot of limitations <xe0n> yeah it sucks <@TurkeyGibby> I mean, other than thatxe0n2020-11-21 00:45:38 CST
12010< xe0n> booonobyk2020-11-23 06:06:04 CST
12110<+s-d> <J​et> !quote <xe0n> loser <JollyRgrs> <sad_trombone.ra>xe0n2020-11-24 02:34:24 CST
12310<c​orona266> JERKIN OFF TO MISTIRYMcDonaldsWiFi2020-11-25 12:19:47 CST
2500<+s-d><s​unrunner20> [img url] <+s-d><s​unrunner20> My home network atm <xe0n> nice clothes hooks <xe0n> how fast are they, 100mbp? <technonerd> 10baseTxe0n2020-08-11 23:13:19 CDT
2600<+s-d><J​acobC> huh? that's not a complete thought <enix> Sorry, JacobC, not looking for input from Discord users <enix> If I gave a fuck what you guys thought I'd join the discord <enix> that's why I left it.xe0n2020-08-12 21:16:12 CDT
2900<PublicWiFi> unless.... this goes to the groundfritzwastaken2020-08-13 20:46:26 CDT
3000<SysAdminGoneCraZ> I have an appointment soon to go to the BodPod to find out just how fat I am lol <j​english> Do they have a DadBodPod?xe0n2020-08-29 21:25:15 CDT
3100<j​english> Are chess players athletes? <JollyRgrs> NOxe0n2020-08-29 21:28:05 CDT
3300@d1 | smoke methenix2020-09-02 22:42:23 CDT
4000* notconnected ([email protected]:380) Quit (Quit: yes) <+xe0n> i hope he got the answer he was looking for <+Hunterkll> poor kids got a lot of reading to do on firewalls <+s-d> <n​ullrend> ibuprofen and aspirin for when he's done bashing head against desk <+Hunterkll> bottle of jack more likexe0n2020-09-10 00:04:07 CDT
4900<+s-d> <m​ak_of_spades> noob question how do u get bot by ur n ame <m​ak_of_spades> its coolxe0n2020-09-15 19:00:05 CDT
5100<Patrick> look, I'll listen to whatever you say PT lady. I just need to know I ain't gonna be fucked on the floor <Patrick> I prefer being fucked in a bedJollyRgrs2020-09-17 00:40:05 CDT
5400<rpifan> great news <rpifan> im getting fired but in march <xe0n> does that mean you'll stop talking about this place now? <+s-d> <H​otmess> We got a ranting and career advise section here on discord if you wanna come over and use them rpifanxe0n2020-09-23 05:29:00 CDT
5500<rpifan> you are just jealous you dont get money for nothingxe0n2020-09-23 05:33:55 CDT
5600<xe0n> refer to link: https://i.imgur.com/nQhjpB1.pngxe0n2020-09-23 06:01:02 CDT
5700<+s-d> <R​yu> feels like to me, people can't let go of ircxe0n2020-09-26 03:49:40 CDT
5900<fritzwastaken> God damn it! How many quotes am i gunna be in... <+xe0n> hahahah <fritzwastaken> not more than rpifan thats for surexe0n2020-09-26 06:55:05 CDT
600-1rpifan | id be so happy if i were 6 foot tallfritzwastaken2020-09-28 13:30:04 CDT
6300[09:59:52] <JollyRgrs> i mean like, its basically the same thing barely noticeable changesb12020-10-07 10:02:00 CDT
7900<PublicWiFi> FLOOD * PublicWiFi was kicked by d1 (no u) <xe0n> rektxe0n2020-10-26 21:29:59 CDT
800-1quote JollyRgrs | fritzwastaken: if it feels too weird, just tell everyone she's your sisterfritzwastaken2020-10-26 21:34:50 CDT
8100<+s-d> <m​4221> DrZak, you appear to be new here. Who the fuck are you? <xe0n> m4221: you're not allowed to ask those sorts of questions while you're on discord. <m4221> DrZak, I ask again, but on IRC this time <m4221> DrZak, who are you?xe0n2020-10-30 00:54:09 CDT
8400<+s-d> <p​ublic static void ahendrix() {}> I disable all UWP on my domain computers. <+s-d> <p​ublic static void ahendrix() {}> When they kill win32 apps I'm gone.xe0n2020-11-03 17:46:25 CST
8900<Patrick> fuck.... I have physical therapy tomorrow too <Patrick> $10 to the first person that drives a semi through my kitchen and kills me <catbeard> really most anyone here will do that for freexe0n2020-11-05 23:38:23 CST
9200[12:09:36] <@TurkeyGibby> NO THIS IS PATRICK [12:09:44] <Patrick> NO THIS IS PATRICKb12020-11-06 12:10:39 CST
9400<Patrick> oooooo I love the dxe0n2020-11-07 05:06:32 CST
9600[14:01] <Patrick> something something Patrickgrumplestiltzkin2020-11-09 14:01:42 CST
10000@cryptic1 | I HAVE LOGS!PublicWiFi2020-11-11 11:48:44 CST
1010-1quote PublicWiFi | TurkeyGibby: can i stroke your snoodFritzwastaken2020-11-11 13:42:36 CST
10200<DeepSpaceK9> Tech Support started my path to hating Apple <xe0n> you're still in tech support <DeepSpaceK9> I'll always be in tech support. But the actual tech support title is where it started.xe0n2020-11-13 02:14:44 CST
10400<+s-d> <c​orona266> mine only has 8x8000s and another one with 8x2080Ti <+enix> miner? <+s-d> <c​orona266> no i'm of legal agexe0n2020-11-13 19:06:57 CST
10500<DeepSpaceK9> Aside from the squirrely updates and MS being dumb with the UI, I think the only legitimate problem I've had with W10 is the amount of data it phones home with by default.xe0n2020-11-13 22:29:32 CST
10700<xe0n> yuken gets his first job at a pizza shop > asks for 401k <yuken> xe0n, gotta invest early ya dumbass. <yuken> I want to be retired in my 40s.xe0n2020-11-15 22:44:42 CST
11100<DeepSpaceK9> That said if I did move out of this job I wouldn't hate slipping down to a help desk role for awhile. <@TurkeyGibby> slipping?xe0n2020-11-19 00:35:58 CST
11300<+s-d> <H​unterkll> @Vegan Overlord and i hate using the fucking' discord client <+s-d> <x​e0n> sucks fucking ballz <+s-d> <V​egan Overlord> Dude IRC is shit tooxe0n2020-11-20 07:28:01 CST
11400<+s-d> <V​egan Overlord> IRC was like back in the day 1.6 cs was a thing lolxe0n2020-11-20 07:28:45 CST
11600<+s-d> <C​olour> And rpifan probably doesn't want personal questions from a rando <b1> its rpifan, he probably doesxe0n2020-11-20 20:25:06 CST
11800<+s-d> <h​00t> any elite pen testers want to talk? <a1> what u need i'm pretty good at googlexe0n2020-11-21 22:21:52 CST
11900<nobyk> Anyone prefer opnsense over pfsense?xe0n2020-11-23 05:56:21 CST
1220018:19:53 <CoJaBo> I need to convert a metric fricktonne of documents from EXE format into PDF, so they can be used on the new computersTurkeyGibby2020-11-24 18:35:34 CST