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32490<oxipital> i'm going to start a #sysadmin-newb channel <@killdash9> oxipital: we have that. It's called DiscordJollyRgrs2020-09-01 16:24:43 CDT
6931269 69 69 69 SIX NICE NINE!!!!!b12020-10-13 10:13:49 CDT
1216test quote please ignoremistiry2020-07-03 19:27:05 CDT
7319014:52:08 <+s-d> <J​et> Anyways I’m really going outside and yes Ill most likely have sex. You nerds keep the computer on so I can watch funny memes when I get back homed12020-10-15 14:52:40 CDT
103191<Fritzwastaken> Last night I ad a dream where Shrek was turned into a lady ogre and Fionna was asked if she was cool with her and she said "Yea, im a bishreksual" and I woke up cryingJollyRgrs2020-11-13 08:40:17 CST
169181<+s-d> <C​ousin> I am new here and dont post much. But can these bots fucks off? Like I dont come here to see these botsxe0n2020-12-26 23:13:19 CST
432170<PublicWiFi> a black woman at work today was joking with me and said im so white she gonna start calling me "new word document"JollyRgrs2021-09-15 09:23:35 CDT
13161rpifan> selinux, i thought u stole money and a car from ircd12020-07-28 13:16:05 CDT
83160<PublicWiFi> how in the heck do I import passwords from the windows web cred manager to chrome -.- <PublicWiFi> why is windows always garbaged12020-11-03 10:51:15 CST
350162<PublicWiFi> I LOVE ANALiphone2021-07-16 08:59:37 CDT
173161[16:26:11] <+s-d> <R​at> honestly my favorite way of staying secure [16:26:19] <+s-d> <R​at> is renting cheap vms on hosts all over the USA [16:26:34] <+s-d> <R​at> and GREing IPs to my routerb12020-12-27 16:30:24 CST
225162<xe0n> the meat smell <xe0n> mmMmmJollyRgrs2021-02-03 21:03:44 CST
444141+sd | <H​otmess> i am known to be wrong occasionallymistiry2021-10-04 15:27:56 CDT
242140<xe0n> sfc /scanlater <+s-d_> <A​dventure in Computers> It's saying that's an unknown command Xeon.xe0n2021-03-12 00:09:37 CST
38130<m4221> I just do the bare minimum not to get cannedenix2020-09-09 00:29:11 CDT
53130<f​elda> I've been facepalming so much lately I'm gonna start looking like a pugPublicWiFi2020-09-22 09:24:20 CDT
248130<catbeard> only tranny i've blown was in my old Taurus <xe0n> in the backseat catbeard, or was she drivinge12021-03-23 18:38:42 CDT
256121<Hunterkll> check out my onlyfans <Hunterkll> https://onlyfans.com/hunterkllb12021-04-10 00:18:35 CDT
2122<+d1> Yeah fuck those spammersJollyRgrs2020-07-04 01:43:41 CDT
8120<JollyRgrs> niklasye: we wanted to offer help to the special and needy... discord users deserve a chance to hear our vast knowledge :Pmistiry2020-07-08 09:45:42 CDT
27120<m4221> xe0n answer my fucking pms <xe0n> nahxe0n2020-08-13 00:41:35 CDT
41120<int0x1C8> cowboy butts drive me nutsd12020-09-10 12:18:51 CDT
68121[10:06:47] * d1 farts DomLS3farts.comb12020-10-13 10:13:30 CDT
333120<c​hicken lit tool> How the fuck do I hush this consumer grade UPS <seednode> Scream back at it louder to establish dominancegibby2021-06-29 12:41:55 CDT
919120muppet | I would use discord but I don't like the taste of crayons.PublicWiFi2023-01-31 08:08:55 CST
9110<ekaj> rpifan: what is your 5 year plan? <Fritzwastaken> Prolly his, chin, some lipo, some more botoxmistiry2020-07-08 14:14:03 CDT
35111<xe0n> i did get my wetsuit out of the car boot the other day lol <enix> you should probably dry it out <xe0n> it was dry <@d1> so it was a dry suitxe0n2020-09-03 23:29:27 CDT
821110<+sd> <Nerbearr> I am unethical as I sell 0days to 5 eyes <+sd> <Nerbearr> And I am fine with it <ekaj> shut up 4 eyesJollyRgrs2022-09-20 21:09:04 CDT
61110"<PublicWiFi> im the biggest dum dum around"int0x1C82020-09-28 14:38:16 CDT
587110<sd> <u​norganized account> hey sorry can someone help me i cant find the host when trying to join the irc | <sd> <u​norganized account> https://i.imgur.com/syGTf7M.pngCl0udNinja2022-02-02 15:15:05 CST
666111fritzwastaken | Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.fritzwastaken2022-04-06 22:27:54 CDT
420111<xe0n> SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!!! <gibby> 420 BRAZIE ITJollyRgrs2021-09-09 20:39:25 CDT
18211017:55:48 <mistiry> sorry this is dictator time, where i sit in my ivory tower and bask in my internet powers while heavy-handedly issuing moderator actions against undeserving usersDrGibby2020-12-31 17:57:17 CST
193110<+s-d> <b​denlinger> Working L1 is the equivalent of being a child. You're only worried about the next 5 minutes... <+s-d> <b​denlinger> And no one respects you <+s-d> <R​at - Comptia ServerMonke+> was that an insult directed at me or was it a statement?xe0n2021-01-07 09:42:00 CST
536100<mistiry> raid = Real Admins Ignore Discord <@TurkeyGibby> mistiry++++++++++++++++++++++++xe0n2021-11-22 20:24:04 CST
578100<Hunterkll> idiots challenged me to a BJ tournamentxe0n2022-01-31 06:29:09 CST
7810121:23:02 <MikeSpears> pfsense is a great routerd12020-10-26 21:26:12 CDT
846100<radix0> I've learned I've made a mistake thinking this channel is for anything other than shit posting.mrghostman2022-10-20 09:37:17 CDT
155100<jay-ros> hey m4221, would you mind switching back to irc instead of discord? <jay-ros> I can't get the ignore function to workxe0n2020-12-17 00:03:40 CST
161100<+s-d> <x​yz> because there's always dnstrails.com to disclose subdomains and other domains on the ip <+s-d> <s​unrunner20> wtf <+s-d> <s​unrunner20> how do they find out my subdomains <+s-d> <s​unrunner20> I thought those were private to my DNS serverb12020-12-22 09:42:30 CST
705101<fritzwastaken> "Help me step admin, I was running a cable and got stuck in this rack!"lancehead2022-05-19 05:22:15 CDT
238100[12:06:41] <JollyRgrs> and whatever you do, don't listen to @Hotmessb12021-03-06 12:07:47 CST
490<@DoTheNeedful> Our servers, which art in the colo, hallowed be thy ports. Thy packets come, the needful will be done, on Windows as it is on *nix. Give us this day our daily logfiles, and forgive us our typos as we forgive those who make typos, and lead us not to the cloud but deliver us new hardware, for thine is the system, and the network, and the blinkenlights, ^Mmistiry2020-07-04 14:28:03 CDT
791<+d1> everyone comes for the db12020-07-06 19:19:29 CDT
27491<xe0n> have you tried -force -gitgudgrumplestiltzkin2021-05-05 08:48:24 CDT
6490<+s-d> <S​XEPhilFan2007> @derpadmin I can't even find "Xe0n" or "Xeon" mail filter on googlexe0n2020-10-09 20:27:52 CDT
58190lanceheadv2 | "Happy new year!" SHUT UP JANICE FROM HR I'M GOING TO SUPLEX YOU DOWN THE FUCKING STAIRSfritzwastaken2022-02-01 10:08:58 CST
59090<SirSceptalot> not everything can be solved by fisting Lancehead <SirSceptalot> hm, a comma would have been appropriate thereLancehead2022-02-03 06:48:22 CST
38690rpifan | like this GPO stuff seems to be AD specificPublicWifi2021-08-16 10:12:19 CDT
13890<PublicWifi> i misplaced this little small plastic piece earlier and work and asked my coworker if she's seen a "little white thing" and she asked me if I was talking about my penisJollyRgrs2020-12-03 08:37:12 CST
77780<SirSweatsalot> I'd quote that if i weren't trying to give quote 777 to Cl0udNinjavinrock2022-08-16 08:33:13 CDT
1580<rpifan> i can always improve <d1> improve doesn't mean more Botoxmistiry2020-07-29 19:51:05 CDT
27580<xe0n> have you tried -force -gitgud <xe0n> or -verbose -gitgud -force | export-csv "gitgudmaybe.csv"grumplestiltzkin2021-05-05 08:49:15 CDT
3480<xe0n> you doing exam prep? <+a1> ye <enix> Whats the exam question <+a1> how many dicks can enix's mom fit inside <xe0n> rektxe0n2020-09-03 23:24:09 CDT
4980<+s-d> <m​ak_of_spades> noob question how do u get bot by ur n ame <m​ak_of_spades> its coolxe0n2020-09-15 19:00:05 CDT
57980PublicWifi | I could pass a baseball bat through my anussintax2022-01-31 10:13:51 CST
7080<derpadmin> stop it xe0n, quote 64 gives me a notification and then I think I have friendsxe0n2020-10-13 17:30:10 CDT
9182[09:48:06] <JollyRgrs> https://rebecca.blackfriday [09:48:06] <l8> Title: Rebecca Black - Fridayb12020-11-06 09:48:31 CST
37580<+sd> <᲼​᲼᲼᲼> Basically there was a sex in your area ad and i said why not and hit it, i made sure to not enter any sensitivr data but i did keep pressing buttons as well as the link multiple times. It was https but did change into another url which was weirdxe0n2021-08-10 21:06:12 CDT
15380[23:45:53] <m4221> JollyRgrs, don't fuck with me this way. all other trolling I will tolerate but thismistiry2020-12-12 23:52:54 CST
74680signofzeta | "We're sorry. We converted your DNS zone to an NFT, and someone else won the auction."macinsight2022-07-05 15:58:52 CDT
49580[12:54:26] <+sd> <L​ancehead> i'm into midgets!teh_f4ll3n2021-11-01 07:55:03 CDT
49780<lancehead> I act stupid but I'm not actually yknow <DrZak> u sure?xe0n2021-11-02 06:19:57 CDT
370<+d1> I would be genuinely sad if I could come up with a valid time where I wasn't doing something other than shitpostingmistiry2020-07-04 13:30:30 CDT
26070<H​otmess> dumbshits are dushitsmistiry_2021-04-20 19:42:14 CDT
2470[11.08.2020.13:05:57] <PublicWiFi> why is "Discover Weekly" on Spotify always garbage [11.08.2020.13:06:21] <@d1> maybe because you listen to shit music? [11.08.2020.13:06:31] <PublicWiFi> :( [11.08.2020.13:06:35] <xe0n> rektxe0n2020-08-10 22:07:00 CDT
2870<fritzwastaken> @Telnet trust me, PublicWiFi isnt the only one who goes after c1's mum <PublicWiFi> DomLS3 too <Hunterkll> yea you all shouldn't be so mean to her <Hunterkll> she is a fine upstanding community bicycle <PublicWiFi> lol <fritzwastaken> | with like 4 seatsPublicWiFi2020-08-13 09:47:58 CDT
3371@d1 | smoke methenix2020-09-02 22:42:23 CDT
4771* d1 farts d1farts.comJollyRgrs2020-09-14 12:50:10 CDT
5070<DomLS3> lot of quote spamming going onHunterkll2020-09-16 15:46:55 CDT
6270JollyRgrs> MikeSpears: yeah, I have an Abnormally Small Needledick. I heard you have an ASN, too!catbeard2020-10-02 01:35:55 CDT
7770<derpadmin> o365 is down <aab_> Not all of 0365 is down <aab_> i can still log in to my management portal <derpadmin> made you check, trolololo <xe0n> rektxe0n2020-10-24 03:19:31 CDT
35170<mistiry> oxipital == IT karenvinrock2021-07-16 11:03:12 CDT
9970<rpifan> i know some plumbing and electrical work <rpifan> well i installed the toilets <rpifan> and the sink <mistiry> he installed them backwards <mistiry> so now you pee in the sink <mistiry> and do the dishes in the toiletxe0n2020-11-09 18:38:23 CST
10070@cryptic1 | I HAVE LOGS!PublicWiFi2020-11-11 11:48:44 CST
11070[12:05:38] <corn266> stupid question. if i buy a domain like `feetpicwarehouse.org`, does that mean i own all sub-domains as well? like `dirty.feetpicwarehouse.org` and `painted.toenails.feetpicwarehouse.org` ?b12020-11-18 12:07:59 CST
11570[10:27:24] <+s-d> <x​yz> is there a group policy that can enforce a 3090 on the video editors ou? [10:27:59] <+s-d> <x​yz> like we don't want to buy a 3090, if we can just do it through group policy [10:29:47] <+s-d> <x​yz> I mean can we just apply a GPU through softwareb12020-11-20 10:33:03 CST
62870signofzeta 08:02:55 I'm glad Win11 has rounded corners.  My dumbest users were cutting themselves on Win10's sharp corners.Work-BWMerlin2022-03-02 16:04:49 CST
14470[13:00] <teh_f4ll3n> corona266, I prefer balls thoughNROL-392020-12-07 13:00:30 CST
1637115:43:35 <+s-d> <g​uemi> Man SSH tunneling might be the most powerful thing Linux hasDrGibby2020-12-26 16:11:55 CST
17170[14:39:24] <+s-d> <R​at> i agree that a large portion of IRC users are much more inclined and intelligentb12020-12-27 14:39:53 CST
685712<PublicWiFi> IM SO BLOATY WOATY FROM ALL OF DADDIES CUMMY WUMMIESSirSceptalot2022-04-21 08:20:35 CDT
44371<SpookyGibby> 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻JollyRgrs2021-10-01 18:30:04 CDT
69970+sd | <m​itchy93> Me and my family take our thongs off once we get to the sandmistiry2022-05-11 07:39:54 CDT
18870[12:44:22] <+s-d> <R​at> why are you paying 2 cents for your hookers? [12:44:34] <ekaj> that's all your mom charges [12:44:46] <+s-d> <R​at> my mom's a guy [12:44:54] <ekaj> that explain a lot.. [12:44:57] <tsarbomba> that's why the charge is only 2cmistiry2021-01-04 12:47:18 CST
70070<teh_f4ll3n> Dutch isn't a real language | <gibby> bork bork bork bork bork bork bork bork borkJollyRgrs2022-05-11 07:54:15 CDT
46770<+sd> <G​ene> my wife is from highschool, she's still pretty damned cute. <xe0n> high school sweethearts ayyy <shakygator> are you going to her promxe0n2021-10-20 18:00:57 CDT
50070<@GobbleGibby> urinal cakes are deliciouslancehead2021-11-02 08:57:10 CDT
51260<@TurkeyGibby> Have you tried getting good?JollyRgrs2021-11-07 13:26:10 CST
660<StrongBad> Your farts are a weapon of mass destructionmacinsight2020-07-04 14:47:52 CDT
1260selinux> so 3 months into voice acting selinux> i booked a national tv ad selinux> i cried over itd12020-07-28 13:03:55 CDT
1860[04.08.2020.11:05:36] <+s-d> <J​ohnPrem> I dislike discord ever since i found out the majority of staff were furriesxe0n2020-08-03 20:05:55 CDT
1960[04.08.2020.16:52:35] <Motion> yeah, thanks ill fetch the call. Btw; u know whats their telnet-port? [04.08.2020.16:52:42] <Hunterkll> 69 [04.08.2020.16:52:42] <xe0n> 69 [04.08.2020.16:52:44] <Motion> thx [04.08.2020.16:52:54] <Hunterkll> xe0n, great minds... ;)xe0n2020-08-04 01:53:20 CDT
54060lancehead | god my ass hurts <> SirSceptalot | lancehead, I hope the other guy is happy at leastPublicWiFi2021-11-30 07:59:39 CST
79860<nobyk> How are you so wise in the ways of deception? <fritzistable> Ive been a table now for 2 months and no one has noticednobyk2022-09-02 16:27:47 CDT
29061→ dragonfleas joined <rpifan> did you come to pay back the car you stole from irc? dragonfleasGIBBY2021-05-18 11:25:06 CDT
55360<vinrock> | jesus christ i just realized the proper way to pronounce nginx <vinrock> | i been calling it N jinxSantasWiFi2021-12-10 13:51:22 CST
81060<Jay-Ros> Nerbearr not sure why you're challenging Hunterkll, he gave Allan Turing his first rusty trombonemistiry2022-09-15 23:02:06 CDT
30060<g​ibby> (f) Please, if you have not, join libera.chat, and 1) https://temp-mail.org/ 2) /msg nickserv set email <new address> 3) /msg NickServ SET PASSWORD G0FuckY0urS3lfFN! 4) /msg nickserv drop username. See everyone on the other side | if you still have a client here on freenode, please /disconnect the server or /part the channelgrumplestiltzkin2021-05-26 12:54:47 CDT
4560<@d1> I hear gateway laptops are good <locknet> d1, I didn't hear it before <xe0n> how old are you? <locknet> xe0n, 22 bro <xe0n> yepxe0n2020-09-14 00:44:47 CDT
30260[23:15:14] <JollyRgrs> i was wanting to make the switch to opnsense... this just kinda rushed things... kinda like how rasengan did for the switch to liberamistiry2021-05-26 23:20:02 CDT
5616001:58:55 cryptic1 (~cryptic1@user/cryptic1) has quit (K-Lined)mistiry2021-12-21 20:08:23 CST
7660<Patrick> clearly my baby batter wasn't wanted fritzwastaken <misspwn_> perhaps your baby batter has too much gluten, and we're tryin to avoid getting autismxe0n2020-10-21 21:22:38 CDT
10860<yuken> I asked hunterkill if I looked andogrynous since he likes them traps. <JollyRgrs> so you're hitting on Hunterkll ? <JollyRgrs> geez manxe0n2020-11-17 00:46:40 CST
62060<PublicWifi> i need it inside meSirSceptalot2022-02-25 08:00:37 CST
11260<PublicWiFi> DOMF: you can put bananas in your ass and pretend youre jerry seinfeld, idgaf :DJollyRgrs2020-11-19 12:59:27 CST
12760[00:14:54] <+s-d> <J​et> i just wanna have some friends [00:15:15] <xe0n> it's hard to be friends with someone who uses discord [00:15:54] <misspwn> but you're on discord [00:16:04] <xe0n> ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmistiry2020-11-27 00:19:42 CST
64360<+sd> <G​ene> hotmess is an idiot and needs blocked by all users hereDrGibby2022-03-21 08:41:34 CDT
64760signofzeta | We have a Discord bridge for IRC commands. Press Alt+F4 to activate it.mistiryWifi2022-03-23 16:30:34 CDT
91760<PublicWiFi> sorry you were right mistiry I'm stupidcsws2023-01-23 10:27:45 CST
40961iphone | im a furryPublicWiFi2021-09-03 12:12:22 CDT
66865<Hunterkll> daddy iws going tuwu deny uwu cummies if uwu keep thiws upCableNinja2022-04-08 02:26:15 CDT
15960<estranger> my kidneys turned into little pebble bags <breenisgreen> your dick must look like one of those windsocks at an airport...PublicWiFi2020-12-18 09:13:59 CST
1606120:12:57 <corona266> my 60 yr old mom got hotSantaGibby2020-12-21 20:28:43 CST
67560PublicWiFi | im a little bit retardedsintax2022-04-13 10:06:11 CDT
43760<+sd> <M​antisek> this might be too advanced of a question for this server <Hunterkll> it's okay <Hunterkll> you have IRC support as wellxe0n2021-09-22 06:44:11 CDT
95660teh_f4ll3n | yeah, free my holemrghostman2023-03-07 07:42:02 CST
1926009:18 <+s-d> <R​at - Comptia ServerMonke+> grumple, I don't use vlans, I use multiple subnets with a MAC address prefix rulesetJollyRgrs2021-01-06 08:20:11 CST
71360<vinrock> ill neve give up on schlongint0x1C82022-06-06 11:49:04 CDT
20260<technonerd> Did steam just shit itself? <d1> no but I didenix2021-01-13 21:49:33 CST
21560jay-ros> I'd include the discord users in that comment, but I picture most of them as the people who piss on the toilet seat in public bathroomsjimender22021-01-26 22:22:32 CST
21760[09:20:31] <+s-d> <w​aiting for you> If I was to download something from Linus.. Should I go with Linux or Ubuntu?mistiry2021-01-27 09:21:18 CST
47860<mikespears> 3:40 PM <H​unterkll> especially when you keep jizzing in your sisters panties | <mikespears> Wtf | <cryptic1> wtf have I returned to | <cryptic1> nope nope nopeJollyRgrs2021-10-26 14:44:27 CDT
48260<PublicWiFi> so their balls would rest anywhere from my chin to the top of my headJollyRgrs2021-10-27 08:57:44 CDT
48860<+sd> <s​ysadmin> I don't like the quoting system, they make fun of peopleJollyRgrs2021-10-28 18:45:12 CDT
23960<+catbeard> hi misspwn <JollyRgrs> catbeard: if you gon' be simpin', you gotta start buying things off her amazon wish listxe0n2021-03-06 23:09:09 CST
24061<+e1> why have abs when you can have kebabsxe0n2021-03-08 21:05:47 CST
77550<Cl0udNinja> OH SHIT YOU CAN BAN DISCORD USERS?1 <Cl0udNinja> DO MORE DO MORE!SirSceptalot2022-08-15 01:19:12 CDT
52555<Oliber> sir! they've jammed us.. it's strawberrylancehead2021-11-16 08:01:41 CST
1750[04.08.2020.10:57:40] <PublicWiFi> my dad is never over until I put my foot in my mouth at least once lol [04.08.2020.10:57:42] <PublicWiFi> day* [04.08.2020.10:57:46] <PublicWiFi> god damn, dad on the brainxe0n2020-08-03 19:58:15 CDT
29551<enix> I just let my dog lick it clean for mejay-ros2021-05-25 00:27:33 CDT
4650<Motion> btw; anybody got a recommendation for a digital assesment management system? <xe0n> digital assesment management system...that's just a bunch of words put together <MaccasWiFi> those are just a bunch of words together <MaccasWiFi> LOL YESxe0n2020-09-14 08:08:45 CDT
4850<rpifan> im really low on money <fritzwastaken> DIdnt you just get Botox like 2 weeks ago? <rpifan> yes but this month i got paid 200 euro extra <rpifan> and thas what botox costsxe0n2020-09-15 07:39:19 CDT
56650<fritzwastaken> vinrock: thats one of the reasons I love banging white girls, they all look like familyCl0udNinja2022-01-10 14:24:20 CST
82650<fritzistable> so I am like a walmart greeter of agression <CableNinja> WELCOME TO WALMART, GET FUKT NERDfritzistable2022-09-28 03:39:41 CDT
31550<enix> Damn, xe0n they filled that job early. <JollyRgrs> s/that job/crytic1's mom <layer8> enix meant: "Damn, xe0n they filled cryptic1's mom early"enix2021-06-07 20:47:08 CDT
6651* Work-BWMerlin_ ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) <xe0n> <waits for Work-BWMerlin to come in and say work internetz is borked> <Work-BWMerlin_> Another day, another issue with ubiquitixe0n2020-10-12 19:29:15 CDT
33250<@killdash9> it's one of those drugs that works on people and humansteh_f4ll3n2021-06-28 10:53:56 CDT
8650<Patrick> big dicks, small dicks, jizz dicks.- I sucked em allxe0n2020-11-05 23:00:39 CST
34450<signofzeta> We designed our networks to be perfect. They only malfunction when users get involved.CableNinja2021-07-08 13:30:51 CDT
8950<Patrick> fuck.... I have physical therapy tomorrow too <Patrick> $10 to the first person that drives a semi through my kitchen and kills me <catbeard> really most anyone here will do that for freexe0n2020-11-05 23:38:23 CST
9352b1 | Even though this is not a democracy.PublicWiFi2020-11-06 12:28:56 CST
60750<lancehead> Did not expect to end up sexualizing smurfs at work 15 minutes before going into a very serious meeting when I woke up this morningJollyRgrs2022-02-16 07:52:51 CST
9750< Patrick> seriously hate this quote system.nobyk2020-11-09 14:02:58 CST
9850<mistiry> Senior Executive Director or Helpdesk Engineering <mistiry> s/or/of <l8> mistiry meant: "Seniof Executive Directof of Helpdesk Engineering" <@cryptic1> SENIOFxe0n2020-11-09 17:32:33 CST
35450<xe0n> dont say i dont ever provide anything of value, except my jokesJollyRgrs2021-07-21 23:28:31 CDT
36150<sd> <t​elgareith> then you try to have sex with the shift key at the login screenriff-IRC2021-07-31 02:07:16 CDT
87550<Phorcys[m]> dude everytime I look at this chat it's about cumragsfritzistable2022-11-16 02:41:10 CST
36650<@JollyRgrs> hey A-KO, got that headlight fluid changed yet? <+xe0n> his waiting on the side of the road for a new johnson rod <rpifan> whats a johnson rod <@JollyRgrs> rpifan: of all ppl, you should knowxe0n2021-08-04 18:41:53 CDT
88650Lancehead | thanks for the help teh_f4ll3n , turns out the issue was me being a retard like usualPublicWiFi2022-11-30 08:22:07 CST
63451<rpifan> with azure you need an up detector lolDrGibby2022-03-08 13:33:24 CST
12450<Hobadee> xe0n, NAT is a natural firewall and we don't care about internal security muchxe0n2020-11-25 17:28:17 CST
64550vinrock | i bet you could boil a jar and stick it against your butt to extract a fresh, unblemished fartPublicWiFi2022-03-23 08:25:40 CDT
90150<Lancehead> this course guy rolls his R's when he says "penetration" and it's getting me a little hornymonr0e2023-01-06 07:04:43 CST
14650<x​yz> got half an inch heregrumplestiltzkin2020-12-09 13:57:34 CST
14852<+s-d> <l​tl> I mean ... Microsoft Google apple all have user data in their companies <+s-d> <l​tl> Microsoft gets hacked, so does google. Much harder to hack Linux bcuz of many distrosxe0n2020-12-11 00:10:03 CST
40450<sd> <C​olour> Pshh I'm a Windows admin and discord user I'm not smart enough for thatCl0udNinja2021-08-31 10:40:04 CDT
14950<+s-d> <C​ore Dream Studios> is it ok to put my pp on the floor? i am literally out of desk space now and i cant a biggest desk atmJollyRgrs2020-12-12 00:14:46 CST
40850<signalblu> MOLEX to SATA is the Rolex of dataiphone2021-09-02 13:23:22 CDT
41250<R​oca> ANything to keep in mind when setting up a GMSA for the first time? <corn266> bob and vagene <signalblue> corn266: are you perpetually annoying or something? <corn266> yep :)gibby2021-09-05 20:07:34 CDT
92750<JollyRgrs> inquprising: nah, it's that glisten of leftover cum on the corner of your mouth that has them giving you strange looks. next time clean up after your trickCl0udNinja2023-02-07 14:42:21 CST
94350* JollyRgrs holds a slice of bread in each hand and holds it to the monitor <JollyRgrs> "WHAT ARE YOU?"fritzistable2023-02-17 09:32:25 CST
17750<mistiry> !quote 176 <+s-d> <H​otmess> you know that pings me every time you quote that rightxe0n2020-12-30 10:14:40 CST
70150<+sd> <v​oyager2cheesesticks> @PublicWiFi Have you considered not dying due to a text editor? Seems a bit dramatic. You sound an awful lot like that Yukk kid, very very dramaticJollyRgrs2022-05-12 09:15:18 CDT
45350<xe0n> context is amazingJollyRgrs2021-10-14 01:58:27 CDT
20050<s-d> <H​otmess> sure cause we are all keyboard warriors here who could claim we are all special forces. however ive had about 10 years ish of training. and the real issue is. there is a limit to how far your training will take you. which is why phyiscal hand to hand should always be a last resortHunterkll2021-01-13 11:32:10 CST
46050<baguettes> i record gibby farts for a living and i make 90k a yearJollyRgrs2021-10-18 10:28:48 CDT
21450<MikeSpears> Gotta love idiotsJollyRgrs2021-01-26 11:05:07 CST
47150<+sd> <S​ir Sceptalot> lemme smell your assesxe0n2021-10-21 07:26:18 CDT
47250<Phasey> PublicWifi: when will world war 3 start <PublicWifi> @Phasey when your mom stops blowing the world leaders <PublicWifi> your mom is single mouthedly keeping the peace <P​hasey> true 😦csws2021-10-22 09:17:20 CDT
47550<𖤐​𖤐𖤐Best Regards𖤐𖤐𖤐> LTT is a great resource to learn basic sysadmin chops <𖤐​𖤐𖤐Best Regards𖤐𖤐𖤐> I learned most of what I know from LTT <JollyRgrs> ... lol <JollyRgrs> says the discord userWork-BWMerlin2021-10-24 19:21:13 CDT
23150<nullrend> need to replace the fan on my T60 <nobyk> The T-60 scout tank was a light tank produced by the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1942. <nobyk> What kind of milage do you get out of it? <a1> about neinxe0n2021-02-15 01:02:05 CST
48950<fritzwastaken> fucking dicord users are dumb as shitcsws2021-10-29 08:32:12 CDT
74550<JollyRgrs> i wonder if @clups is upset he keeps getting @'ed in herexe0n2022-07-05 00:26:31 CDT
50851<xe0n> okay im out <PublicWiFi> :D <xe0n> :D <xe0n> shutup maccas <xe0n> :D <PublicWiFi> :(SirSceptalot2021-11-04 09:15:55 CDT
25740<APottedPlant> sometimes you gotta piss with the cock ya got lolgrumplestiltzkin2021-04-13 11:33:00 CDT
77240<Cl0udNinja> cummy pebbles!fritzistable2022-08-10 04:16:51 CDT
51840<fritzwastaken> #reddit-sysadmin discovering discord idiots one day at a timeCableNinja2021-11-11 17:53:23 CST
10324014:47 <JollyRgrs> so why don't you just get your head out of your fucking ass and take a deep breath and chillmistiry2023-06-14 09:49:39 CDT
26540<+shakygator> what range are marksmanship tests conducted at <d1> usually a firing rangeb12021-04-26 16:58:07 CDT
1140[26.07.2020.00:35:05] <Rootsudo> wow my body is becoming a chat [26.07.2020.00:35:06] <Rootsudo> chad [26.07.2020.00:35:14] <Rootsudo> I can't even process the sentence right, it's so foreign to mexe0n2020-07-25 10:02:29 CDT
78240<enix> i wonder what an elf penis looks likeCl0udNinja2022-08-21 03:49:44 CDT
27140<rpifan> irc is the one true internet chat protocol <rpifan> it was ordained by god <rpifan> on the 8th day god said let there be irc, and there was ircxe0n2021-05-04 19:00:46 CDT
78340<vinrock> legit 15 year old cutieteh_f4ll3n2022-08-22 08:45:55 CDT
1640[01.08.2020.00:42:53] <PublicWiFi> so either your one site has a crazy wan pipe or you have a bunch of small sites [01.08.2020.00:43:00] <PublicWiFi> 100% traffic* [01.08.2020.00:43:22] <xe0n> maccas your ass takes a crazy wan pipe [01.08.2020.00:43:33] <+d1> s/wan/man [01.08.2020.00:43:40] <PublicWiFi> egress only [01.08.2020.00:43:46] <+d1> suuuuuuuuuuuuurexe0n2020-07-31 09:44:16 CDT
104340<PattyCakes> just shit in my mouth sintaxinquprising2023-06-23 08:37:08 CDT
53240<sintax> fritzwastaken: at least it will be quiet and you can poke around with little to no supervision <PublicWiFi> sintax: sounds like my first sexual experienceSirSceptalot2021-11-18 08:36:57 CST
28840<Oliber> what is an azure? does it smell like toast? i can smell toastgrumplestiltzkin2021-05-18 10:00:41 CDT
3740<JollyRgrs> d1: dude, i was v. impressed at how firm it was, like a new hole!fritzwastaken2020-09-08 08:23:57 CDT
54940<iphone> I boosted a discord server 14 times because I'm regarded | <SantasWiFi> regarded xDD | <@killdash9> regarded as a moron?JollyRgrs2021-12-09 16:21:17 CST
80841<Hunterkll> I'm going tuwu give uwu a cowumbian neck tie awnd skuwwfuck youw eye sockets untiw uwu'we nothing mowe than tattewed wemains of shwedded meat.Cl0udNinja2022-09-13 15:52:52 CDT
81140<Cl0udNinja> I swear to fuck im gonna find you and shake you like you arent supposed to shake a babyGibby2022-09-16 00:27:40 CDT
30140<b​loody> freenodecom (freenode): This channel has been reopened with respect to the communities and new users. The topic is in violation of freenode policy: https://freenode.net/policiesenix2021-05-26 18:02:40 CDT
56341<lancehead> I am, in fact, a fucking idiotteh_f4ll3n2022-01-04 04:03:34 CST
30842<xe0n> !quotegrumplestiltzkin2021-06-01 10:29:09 CDT
31240<Hunterkll> OVH is cool though <Hunterkll> they watercool everything <JollyRgrs> some things they thought they'd go the opposite way and fire cool it all <JollyRgrs> didn't turn out so wellxe0n2021-06-04 02:19:14 CDT
32440<H​unterkll> Ima fuckin jizz in your eyes <H​unterkll> that shit burnscsws2021-06-17 00:48:47 CDT
32840<+sd> <d​onron> What ports (forwardings) are mandatory to get S2S and P2S working? <estranger> which vpn protocols you using <teh_f4ll3n> cryptic1's mom <+sd> <J​4Y> Lmaoxe0n2021-06-22 06:48:51 CDT
58840<fritzwastaken> I tried securing my IP connection using the RAID VPN ShadowlegendsCl0udNinja2022-02-02 22:16:32 CST
84440<PublicWifi> jk you have a nice peenSpookyGibby2022-10-19 08:18:30 CDT
84840<PublicWifi> ill pay you in penisfritzistable2022-10-21 09:19:39 CDT
59940<SirSceptalot> [all in all, we here at #reddit-sysadmin would advise against taking your blow-up doll on a spacewalk]monr0e2022-02-11 06:22:02 CST
60541<sd> <M​itchy93> Oi sysadmin, where can I submit a change order to create an ADHD/autism/Asperger's/mental health sub channel? <sd> <V​irtual-Potato> I'd say the closest thing is #rantingCableNinja2022-02-14 01:09:26 CST
61140<vinrock> i remmeber the first time i went to california as a kid | <+sd> <N​injaStyle> did u get cancerJollyRgrs2022-02-16 11:54:23 CST
61340PattyCakes | SO I'M THE RETARDfritzwastaken2022-02-18 08:03:23 CST
87440<teh_f4ll3n> | c1s mom is a proxy <JollyRgrs> | no, she's a LOAD balancerPublicWiFi2022-11-14 10:46:22 CST
62240<PublicWifi> its ony like 1.5 inches longJollyRgrs2022-02-25 10:06:21 CST
87841[vinrock] oh if i had kids id beat the shit out of themmonrud0lph2022-11-17 10:39:13 CST
63340<J​ay-Ros> When I was on a work trip in HK I met a girl from Manchester who seemed like she had a whole bunch of cultures in her.... at one point or anotherroot2022-03-04 06:52:23 CST
1224018:19:53 <CoJaBo> I need to convert a metric fricktonne of documents from EXE format into PDF, so they can be used on the new computersTurkeyGibby2020-11-24 18:35:34 CST
37941quote <f​elda> fritz I use opnsense nowfritzwastaken2021-08-12 08:38:53 CDT
38241@gibby | I talked about you in our standup today, JollyRgrs JollyRgrs | gibby: orly? what about? @gibby | The fact you were playing Rocket League @gibby | I was talking about is being slow and using time effectivelymistiry2021-08-12 10:37:54 CDT
39040<Joe-Developer> I want more anal quotes to upvoteHobadee2021-08-19 10:42:10 CDT
64640<sintax> being one of the girls finally worked out. i got ice creamint0x1C82022-03-23 12:49:27 CDT
90240inquprising | if you sneeze and fart at the same time your body takes a screenshotPublicWiFi2023-01-06 08:18:19 CST
13541<jay-ros> abakedapplepie - if it's cloudy, you might want to get your uric acid levels tested at a doctor <jay-ros> long term you could end up with kidney stones <signofzeta> Yeah, don't mess with kidney stones. I saw that episode of Seinfeld.xe0n2020-12-01 20:53:16 CST
13940fritzwastaken | Im not helpful, just an assPublicWifi2020-12-03 09:04:45 CST
90840<J4Y> I'm going to take the enix take on this one and say set fire to the switches and call gibby beautifulfritzisdragon2023-01-11 17:19:06 CST
14242[mistory] something happenedgrumplestiltzkin2020-12-07 12:15:23 CST
39840<yuken> @Hunterkll My brain is so smooth, your insults simply slide off.Cl0udNinja2021-08-26 16:26:38 CDT
65640<monr0e> | you realise if you want to browse through the quotes there's a website for that? <teh_f4ll3n> | lazyPublicWiFi2022-03-30 09:44:53 CDT
14740<+s-d> <l​tl> I think Gentoo can handle that share of market that CentOS was having until they announced it's deathxe0n2020-12-10 21:47:00 CST
15640<H​otmess> there is no such thing as a dumb questionekaj2020-12-17 00:16:41 CST
41440signofzeta | this just in: orgasms are pretty great. film at eleven.sintax2021-09-08 14:52:42 CDT
67040<lancehead> I just inhaled my chewing gumSirSceptalot2022-04-08 07:17:08 CDT
92640<inquprising> I watched broke back mountain last night someone told me it was a comedy <inquprising> it’s not a comedySirSceptalot2023-02-07 08:44:42 CST
67340PattyCakes> You clearly haven't lived enough life if there's not a single point in adulthood you have shit your pantsSlaveGeek3342692022-04-13 08:19:45 CDT
41840<Telgareith> xe0n: It's not a toy. It'll be my primary storage. I take my storage more seriously than a lot of businessesJollyRgrs2021-09-09 20:20:03 CDT
67740<yuken> | PublicWiFi, how do I stop shaking in my chair with anxiety? I've got a flight on the 16th for a date. <JollyRgrs> | yuken: excited to see your first penis from the internet IRL?Hunterkll2022-04-14 08:06:53 CDT
1674322:32:05 <+s-d> <H​otmess> Name Id Version Match 22:32:10 <+s-d> <H​otmess> Fedora Remix for WSL whitewaterfoundry.fedora-remix-for-wsl Tag: wsl 22:32:56 <JollyRgrs> you trust "white water foundry"? 22:33:22 <+s-d> <H​otmess> i mean personaly id be more suspisous of kali 22:34:34 <+s-d> <H​otmess> for most ppl that it exists. but would beDrGibby2020-12-26 22:42:29 CST
43540<PublicWiFi> cryptic1's mom is like the first slice of bread in the bag <PublicWiFi> everyone touches her, but no one really wants herJollyRgrs2021-09-20 09:33:05 CDT
43640<+sd> <B​utton Pusher 3000> yay firewall problems at 2am... <@JollyRgrs> stop making changes at 1amxe0n2021-09-22 02:37:29 CDT
69240<CableNinja> that tiny hole isnt gonna do shit <SirSceptalot> title of your sex tapelancehead2022-05-03 02:54:57 CDT
43840<xe0n> RL is gold tier gamingJollyRgrs2021-09-22 23:50:35 CDT
43940<Hunterkll> Microsoft Endpoint CUm Managerdragonfleas2021-09-23 02:57:01 CDT
69640<UForgotten> and some jackwagon already registerd my nick on nickserv LITERALLY after I signed into freenode this morningJollyRgrs2022-05-09 14:41:30 CDT
95340<DomLS3> you give off placenta eating weeb vibesfritzGPT2023-03-01 10:18:31 CST
44740<iphone> I tried to add it to my nick, but libera says that's an errogenous nickCl0udNinja2021-10-06 12:57:29 CDT
19840<xe0n> i usually go down to the local cafe, chat up the chicks, get over charged for coffeeteh_f4ll3n2021-01-13 07:46:40 CST
97840<+PattyCakes> ain't nothing wrong with a dick in your mouth sometimes.JollyRgrs2023-03-31 09:28:25 CDT
98640<bdenlinger> What if I hate the gym, fitness, and sex? What lifestyle would fit me? <hxcsp> something in information technology i would assumesignofzeta2023-04-04 16:07:45 CDT
73240PublicWiFi | how long until MS tries to rebrand "surfing the web" to "edging" just to promote edge?fritzwastaken2022-06-23 08:16:45 CDT
22640<mistiry> speaking of sudo bug <mistiry> we ever get that PoC? <mistiry> @Rat plz confirmgrumplestiltzkin2021-02-05 11:10:11 CST
22940<+a2> you know what I miss? <jay-ros> men?xe0n2021-02-11 19:05:50 CST
74140<sd> <J​ay-Ros> I got stabbed in the butt todaySirSceptalot2022-07-01 08:26:29 CDT
23440< APottedPlant> yall know that feeling when you have to poo really bad < APottedPlant> so you run to the bathroom, and as youre pulling your pants down and bending over you toot a little cause you're turtling < APottedPlant> then you sit down and your nose is in the exact spot you just tootednobyk2021-02-25 09:18:08 CST
74940<sysadminalt666> ya know what sucks <Cl0udNinja> UR MOM EVERY FRIDAY NIGHTe12022-07-12 18:45:38 CDT
100940<PublicWiFi> I BLOWJollyRgrs2023-05-08 08:23:00 CDT
50140<SirSceptalot> don't listen to Activ8, you'll get toner all over your dicklancehead2021-11-02 09:32:31 CDT
102530<alazare619> ai powered amazon prime sex robot when? | <PublicWiFi> s/ai/chatgpt | <+layer8> alazare619 meant: "chatgpt powered amazon prime sex robot when?" | <PublicWiFi> I want it to be confidently wrong when it tells me it loves meJollyRgrs2023-06-01 09:21:08 CDT
26431<+s-d> <j​kdjeff> I think I'm gonna get myself a helmet though, since I'll be using them to get around downtown a lot <JollyRgrs> ah, you're gonna start riding the short bus?JollyRgrs2021-04-25 22:40:17 CDT
77632<muppet_> My wife loves her hamachiLancehead2022-08-16 07:25:14 CDT
1030<Hunterkll> c1, oh no, i had to speak to my PISA handler in japan <Hunterkll> er i mean <Hunterkll> www.google.com/search?q=how+to+delete+irc+commentb12020-07-10 18:05:57 CDT
1431>ekaj I'm planning on hunting down dragonfleas from his dox and licking his feetselinux2020-07-28 13:28:42 CDT
103830<cryptic1> back <fruity_tomato> wb <cryptic1> to <cryptic1> workSirSceptalot2023-06-21 07:59:27 CDT
27230* csws runs Get-Date <JollyRgrs> csws: you know that's the calendar date... powershell can't get you a womanxe0n2021-05-05 00:59:18 CDT
2030estranger | college was the craziest six weeks of my lifePublicWiFi2020-08-05 13:53:12 CDT
2132[07.08.2020.16:52:40] <nobyk> can someone with power do the needfull to get the layer-eight thing working [07.08.2020.16:53:01] <xe0n> come again [07.08.2020.16:53:04] <nobyk> lol [07.08.2020.16:53:07] <xe0n> you want me to dtn? ok [07.08.2020.16:53:11] <xe0n> !dtn nobyk [07.08.2020.16:53:11] * @DoTheNeedful nobyk [07.08.2020.16:53:14] <xe0n> :D [07.08.2020.16:53:20]xe0n2020-08-07 01:54:32 CDT
2330[11.08.2020.12:03:44] <rpifan> hey at the gay beach good looking dudes go [11.08.2020.12:03:58] <PublicWiFi> that sounds smelly [11.08.2020.12:04:04] <PublicWiFi> butt sex is so smellyxe0n2020-08-10 21:04:44 CDT
104730<TechSmurf> It's a root language, so yeah... but lorem ipsum is gibberish<TechSmurf> Latin gibberish, but gibberish. <TechSmurf> Latin-looking gibberish <ekaj> it's not gibberish <ekaj> they just copy pasted a discord conversationmistiry2023-06-29 20:50:26 CDT
104830<lancehead> PattyCakes: tf is wrong with your door | <lancehead> you planning on making it dick shaped or somethingTrifton2023-06-30 10:47:48 CDT
2630<+s-d><J​acobC> huh? that's not a complete thought <enix> Sorry, JacobC, not looking for input from Discord users <enix> If I gave a fuck what you guys thought I'd join the discord <enix> that's why I left it.xe0n2020-08-12 21:16:12 CDT
53930sintax | I've been an awful good girlPublicWiFi2021-11-29 08:40:27 CST
28630<+s-d> <j​kdjeff> If you see bagged milk, put your dick in it <+s-d> <j​kdjeff> I am never wrongxe0n2021-05-17 06:05:37 CDT
54232* yuken stabs fritzwastaken | <fritzwastaken> luckily its a 3d printed knifeJollyRgrs2021-11-30 09:45:29 CST
105430<sd> <vera0773> Doing more research, the "GPU ups and fucking dies in snip and sketch" is one of those Microsoft Seal of Quality things that just happensTrifton2023-07-07 23:33:53 CDT
28930<j​kdjeff> And it's not really an NDA thing, more professional courtesy and that I hate you allteh_f4ll3n2021-05-18 11:21:32 CDT
54530<vinrock> AZURE IS DOWN!lancehead2021-12-01 09:12:22 CST
29330<+discord_> <b​denlinger> (d) I told you this bot discriminates against discord uers <seednode> As it well shouldJollyRgrs2021-05-21 11:53:05 CDT
80730<monr0e> (╯°□°)╯︵ǝlqɐʇsızʇıɹɟfritzistable2022-09-11 07:26:08 CDT
106530PublicWifi: dick cheese > dick butterDomLS32023-08-14 08:43:57 CDT
4235-- | Mode #reddit-sysadmin [+o enix] by ChanServenix2020-09-10 22:24:25 CDT
30530<+sd> <C​ore Dream Studios> I chose guided install entire dickJollyRgrs2021-05-27 17:13:11 CDT
5431<rpifan> great news <rpifan> im getting fired but in march <xe0n> does that mean you'll stop talking about this place now? <+s-d> <H​otmess> We got a ranting and career advise section here on discord if you wanna come over and use them rpifanxe0n2020-09-23 05:29:00 CDT
82331* fritzistable flashes up the cheerleader table cloth to show a fleshlight crudely bolted to the undersideCl0udNinja2022-09-24 15:11:11 CDT
82930<estranger> also with python if you unload a giant json file you can say "Damn I have a big dict"CableNinja2022-09-29 14:26:19 CDT
6331[09:59:52] <JollyRgrs> i mean like, its basically the same thing barely noticeable changesb12020-10-07 10:02:00 CDT
6530<+s-d> <H​otmess> right time for some coffe and anime <+s-d> <H​otmess> later all hope you have a good one:) <xe0n> thats an interesting way to wank in the morningxe0n2020-10-12 07:33:22 CDT
83330<teh_f4ll3n> tables can't cook <fritzistable> Mother fucker my uncle was a HibachitheSpookSquirrel2022-10-04 05:01:01 CDT
83430<SpookyGibby> cryptic1: BACK TO WORK! <cryptic1> D: <SpookyGibby> cryptic1: TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN! <cryptic1> :D <SpookyGibby> cryptic1: BACK TO WORK! <cryptic1> D: <SpookyGibby> cryptic1: TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN!<cryptic1> :D <SpookyGibby> cryptic1: BACK TO WORK! <cryptic1> D:<SpookyGibby> cryptic1: TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN! <cryptic1> :D <SpookyGibby> cryptic1: BACK TO WORK! <cryptic1> D: <SpookyGibby> cryptic1: TURN THATvinrock2022-10-04 14:50:34 CDT
83531fritzistable> Late Night IRC ™️ BROUGHT TO YOU BY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS! JOIN US IN RAID SHADOW LEGENDS USING OUR LINK! https://raidshadowlegends.com/creatorcode/reddit-sysadminSirSpooksalot2022-10-05 03:49:25 CDT
32530<+sd> <H​unterkll> accidentally spraying your GF in the face too <+sd> <H​unterkll> sometimes happens [2021.06.17.15:53:00] <Cl0udNinja> 'accidentally' [2021.06.17.15:53:01] <e1> "accidentally"xe0n2021-06-17 00:53:41 CDT
32630<H​unterkll> it feels so good to have hands on real hardware again <teh_f4ll3n> something more than 2 inches? <Rpifan> Hiteh_f4ll3n2021-06-17 06:16:16 CDT
7430<+s-d> <c​orona266> i boof 4-6 raw eggs every morningxe0n2020-10-15 20:11:57 CDT
58630teh_f4ll3n | mistiry, how big? like PublicWifi big?fritzwastaken2022-02-02 11:08:39 CST
33130<donger> (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง Your donger belongs in a museum (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)งravioli2021-06-26 21:31:08 CDT
33430<BWMerlin> But I did plan and did shift in batches. <xe0n> nice <BWMerlin> I just planned to do it yesterday and shift it one batchCl0udNinja2021-06-29 18:36:11 CDT
8031quote JollyRgrs | fritzwastaken: if it feels too weird, just tell everyone she's your sisterfritzwastaken2020-10-26 21:34:50 CDT
8230<@d1> People who throw parties on Thursday are the same people who paint every room in their house "egg shell white" and their adventures into "exotic" spices is red pepper flakes <fritzwastaken> d1 thats basically my mom..xe0n2020-10-30 07:55:07 CDT
33931<xe0n> because like wtfs a ventoy? <crustacean> xe0n: A multiboot tool <CableNinja> xe0n, its called a 'medium' in other countries <+sd> <g​iraffe> It’s a 17k star tool on GitHub <+sd> <g​iraffe> It’s awesome thoxe0n2021-07-02 02:39:37 CDT
59630<PublicWiFi> guess ill just have hotdogs shoved in my port <DrGibby> weird kink but okCl0udNinja2022-02-07 15:57:38 CST
59730<PublicWiFi> your mom has an articulating dump trucklancehead2022-02-08 10:13:51 CST
8730<javi404> i paid $19 for a double martini last night cause i was bored. <javi404> fuck my life <javi404> i stole the glass <javi404> no tipxe0n2020-11-05 23:16:18 CST
34531<+sd> <s​ea> used linux for 3 years on my desktop with 300 distros, i3wm, dwm etc., got annoying and switched to macosJollyRgrs2021-07-09 15:37:16 CDT
60330<yuken> Hunterkll, my sister is my aunt and mother too.xe0n2022-02-12 00:05:53 CST
34830<+sd_> <S​hinjinotIkari> @Moderator mail please give us an option to temp mute irc folksxe0n2021-07-15 20:14:57 CDT
60430<M​ayhem> I solved that issue by being less autisticHunterkll2022-02-13 16:19:21 CST
60830<+sd> <P​hasey> congratulate me guys I am on my 8th fap since waking up 2 hours ago 😄csws2022-02-16 09:41:39 CST
60930<csws> certified discord momentsignofzeta2022-02-16 09:42:08 CST
86530<+spookybecky> Please enjoy the following plaintext represented by plaintext followed by a hilarious joke:fritzisamimic2022-10-31 21:08:24 CDT
61430<f​elda> LMAO Nurses are basically IT for humansfritzwastaken2022-02-18 09:59:48 CST
10431<+s-d> <c​orona266> mine only has 8x8000s and another one with 8x2080Ti <+enix> miner? <+s-d> <c​orona266> no i'm of legal agexe0n2020-11-13 19:06:57 CST
36032@JollyRgrs | but you do constantly want two penises in you?fritzwastaken2021-07-29 22:26:55 CDT
61630<int0x1C8> JollyRgrs, I love shoving brooms up my assDrGibby2022-02-21 15:16:57 CST
36230<@gibby> fucking tone it down you upside down cunts <+Jay-Ros> you french kiss your mother with that mouth, gibby? <@gibby> just yours, Jay-Ros <+Jay-Ros> dorothy mantooth is a saint!xe0n2021-08-03 00:23:49 CDT
87730<+sd> <Hotmess> hell i nuke machines randomly for securityJollyRgrs2022-11-16 09:07:44 CST
11630<+s-d> <C​olour> And rpifan probably doesn't want personal questions from a rando <b1> its rpifan, he probably doesxe0n2020-11-20 20:25:06 CST
63131<PrincessZoey> I'd rather a rabid bear rip my tits offCl0udNinja2022-03-04 04:44:23 CST
37630<a1> i bought this supplement, it's supposed to give me 200% growth <+xe0n> inch on inch growth? <@gibby> IoI <JollyRgrs> hey gibby, what is your forecasted IoI for FY22? <@gibby> 1"xe0n2021-08-10 22:58:33 CDT
12130<+s-d> <J​et> !quote <xe0n> loser <JollyRgrs> <sad_trombone.ra>xe0n2020-11-24 02:34:24 CST
12530<+s-d> <D​eep Space K9> You don't have friends. You're like me and just have people who tolerate you. I'm kidding please don't murder me <mittens> DSK9 Not wrong! :')xe0n2020-11-26 06:42:27 CST
38130<MikeSpears> | my cat just scared the hell out of me... I'm sitting at my desk working, and all of a sudden I feel something on my shoulder... the cat is using its paw to tap on my shoulder <xe0n> | lies, you dont workPublicWiFi2021-08-12 08:58:33 CDT
89530<sd> <Arctic.Trader> I tried it on my mobile with wifi on wont work without worksHunterkll2022-12-20 09:13:05 CST
12830<+s-d> <D​eep Space K9> Hunterkll: I only act like a cunt towards little dick cheese bitch bois. <Hunterkll> so why aren't you acting like a cunt to yourself? <Hunterkll> get fucked <+s-d> <D​eep Space K9> Hunterkll: Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the shit pouring out of your mouth.xe0n2020-11-27 23:16:16 CST
64030<estranger> they started hammering my znc port hehe <thegodsquirrel> that's what she saidLancehead2022-03-14 07:20:27 CDT
13030[29.11.2020.13:59:06] <Windy> wait, why is my 2tb disk only 1.81 tb :~(xe0n2020-11-28 21:59:24 CST
13130<+s-d> <J​et> I’m having sex rnxe0n2020-11-29 00:05:40 CST
38830<PublicWiFi> Fucking fritzwastakeniphone2021-08-18 10:50:48 CDT
90430<+sd> <Jay-Ros> elon as he is today... <+sd> <Jay-Ros> pretty tough wankJollyRgrs2023-01-08 22:44:19 CST
39630rpifan | and a meat grindr attachment teh_f4ll3n | grindr teh_f4ll3n | lol you should spend less time therefritzwastaken22021-08-24 11:40:30 CDT
39730<+sd> <S​ir Sceptalot> I'm on discord <+sd> <S​ir Sceptalot> but since I'm on discord, I'm too stupid to distinguish between one word and another wordxe0n2021-08-26 06:34:48 CDT
65330<@DrGibbysWifi> my ass needs to be taken care offteh_f4ll3n2022-03-29 10:59:26 CDT
65430<Hunterkll> | you wouldn't fuck a llama! <vinrock> | speak for yourself bro those eyes draw you inPublicWiFi2022-03-29 15:23:41 CDT
91130<vinrock> tel that bitch to cam her tits, adobe literally pushed it like 2 minutes agoJollyRgrs2023-01-17 12:05:19 CST
40030<rpifan> there used to be a gay in here once wasnt there <rpifan> he seemed nice wonder where he went <+sd> <J​ay-Ros> he's still here, he just spends more time on discord <+sd> <J​ay-Ros> enix?xe0n2021-08-31 08:29:09 CDT
91230*thegodsquirrel wants a sausage biscuit | <SirSceptalot> is that a gay thing?Lancehead2023-01-18 06:20:05 CST
91330<Lancehead> smh SquirtMyAssFull <Lancehead> I'm sorry that was a strange thing to saycsws2023-01-18 09:01:53 CST
40230<signalblue> can I use AD with an IP not a domain? <xe0n> what <signalblue> yeah like can I domain join a computer by using the DC's IP?xe0n2021-08-31 10:30:41 CDT
40530<Hunterkll> also, don't @ me, it both makes my irc client flash and 3 discord instances and my phone flash <xe0n> @hunterkll <mistiry> hey Hunterkll <+sd> <H​otmess> @Hunterkillxe0n2021-09-01 19:32:56 CDT
15130<rpifan> Im in Morroco <rpifan> That's where i am right now <rpifan> Getting sun <+s-d> <l​tl> Vitamin D <xe0n> yep, he's trying to get that, sure of that one. <rpifan> Gay is banned here <xe0n> LOL <+s-d> <a​me> sounds gayxe0n2020-12-12 08:45:40 CST
67130<yuken> pls answer Hunterkll I need you | <Hunterkll> go 'way im 'baitinJollyRgrs2022-04-08 21:34:54 CDT
16430<+s-d> <H​otmess> i am also been aroud long enought to remeber when winzip got its exe changed:) <+s-d> <H​otmess> back in the day guys <H​otmess> like 15years ago winzip was avablie on a ftp server. someone decided to drop some spyware in as a lolxe0n2020-12-26 22:40:35 CST
17030<+s-d> <H​otmess> the reason most discord users dont hang out in this channel <Hunterkll> most discord users like hotmess aren't exactly very skilled in IT :) <JollyRgrs> why does @Hotmess hang out in this channel then?xe0n2020-12-26 23:16:45 CST
94030Lancehead | would've preferred a monster cock nglPublicWiFi2023-02-16 08:41:04 CST
17630<+s-d> <x​yz> @Hotmess is one of the few good people on this serverxe0n2020-12-28 23:50:31 CST
17830<+s-d> <b​loody> https://i.imgur.com/iGb0Jvk.png <+s-d> <b​loody> LOL <mistiry> @bloody lolxe0n2020-12-30 10:23:17 CST
95030<PublicWiFi> OFF WITH THEIR DICKScsws2023-02-27 09:01:04 CST
95230<fruity_tomato> whats 2", like fit in your hand kinda big <fruity_tomato> that's bigsintax2023-03-01 09:21:12 CST
44130<dragonfleas> i may have stolen a car from irc but at least i got the vaccine and wear a maskJollyRgrs2021-09-27 11:36:12 CDT
18630[00:16:00] <Ottomite> I loved xe0n [00:16:08] <Ottomite> loled* [00:16:13] <Ottomite> Fucking autocorrectmistiry2021-01-01 00:19:43 CST
95530<Cl0udNinja> great.. I have a gallon of jizz to lug around now..SirSceptalot2023-03-03 04:57:45 CST
44934<c​ritamine> If babies were cute, then we'd all be in jailiphone2021-10-06 14:21:43 CDT
45030<+sd> <C​olour> I used a powershell script to run a bat because I didn't know how to cmd in powershellxe0n2021-10-08 07:22:31 CDT
70631<fritzwastaken> 6C 6F 6Cthegodsquirrel2022-05-19 14:10:13 CDT
45531nobyk: oh fuck me in the ass I fixed the microphone issueSlaveGeek3342692021-10-15 01:25:04 CDT
45730+sd | <s​trivingtolearn> Hey guys can someone help me figure out my first server to but? <Cl0udNinja> SERVER TO BUTT? DO WE LOOK LIKE BUTT ENGINEERS HERE?bloody2021-10-17 01:28:44 CDT
71630<xe0n> as i've said previously, it's how you phrase questions that can get you the response you're after...or not after lolJollyRgrs2022-06-10 00:19:27 CDT
20531<Rpifan> I have a legit problem <Rpifan> I buy too many language books <Rpifan> Can't stop <jimender2> burn them <teh_f4ll3n> easy there, Hitlerteh_f4ll3n2021-01-19 05:44:35 CST
46330<@SpookyGibby> What are those wood? chips old people put in bowls that are super fragrant? <misspwn> grandmas potpourri <enix> i thought potpourri was some kind of foodxe0n2021-10-18 23:14:42 CDT
46430<mistiry> will you please learn to shitpostJollyRgrs2021-10-19 21:21:02 CDT
21030<xe0n> i can only imagine how you would've been @W​indows Server 2003R2 when BBS was a thing <+s-d> <W​indows Server 2003R2> what port is BBS? <csws> RJ-11 maybe <JollyRgrs> com1xe0n2021-01-22 08:23:09 CST
97930<PattyCakes> I haven't been able to get hard since like 2003monr0e2023-03-31 09:29:46 CDT
21330<+s-d> <R​at - Comptia ServerMonke+> when was NAT even implemented? I feel like it's something that was thrown in during the "oh shit fuck" phase of "we're going to run out"JollyRgrs2021-01-25 19:23:19 CST
46930<spiderman> I'm going to start working on operating a new irc network <JollyRgrs> spiderman: how are you gonna run an irc network? you're over in #weechat asking for basic helpxe0n2021-10-20 23:56:16 CDT
21630<@d1> still waiting for that PoC <phonephreak> PoC stands for Piece of Crap, right? <@d1> for a phreak you seem to know very little. <phonephreak> i was being funny <phonephreak> I assume you meant Point of Contact <@d1> absolutely.xe0n2021-01-27 00:51:44 CST
47330<-- spiderman has quit (K-Lined)Cl0udNinja2021-10-23 21:32:49 CDT
21830<+s-d> <w​aiting for you> Do they even have hard drives in laptops?JollyRgrs2021-01-27 12:00:42 CST
47432<𖤐​𖤐𖤐Best Regards𖤐𖤐𖤐> LTT is a great resource to learn basic sysadmin chopsWork-BWMerlin2021-10-24 19:20:10 CDT
98730<SirSceptalot> what a time to come back <+muppet> spit in me plsfritzistable2023-04-07 07:39:22 CDT
48030<csws> azureisdown.comClappedOutWaffle2021-10-27 03:50:28 CDT
73630<PattyBakes> I love vanilla cupcake air freshener mixed with fart smell <misspwn> mmmm <misspwn> pooporimistiry2022-06-26 13:45:10 CDT
99330<PattyCakes> I for one love sucking dick @JetCl0udNinja2023-04-14 01:20:18 CDT
48430<jay-ros> I'm back to like a 6.5mm/2.5"JollyRgrs2021-10-27 23:56:49 CDT
48730<+sd> <s​ysadmin> In fact for the client I can literally type ANYTHING for the username and it will connect <+sd> <s​ysadmin> It's just that the client (ChromeOS) sucks <+sd> <s​ysadmin> xe0n: oh I had the box for do not check user credentials enabledxe0n2021-10-28 18:21:50 CDT
49130<+sd> <C​ore Dream Studios> mmm klondike brasJollyRgrs2021-10-29 18:44:29 CDT
100530<PattyCakes> oh I go down just fine JollyRgrsteh_f4ll3n2023-04-27 08:30:13 CDT
75030<sd> <H​unterkll> customers affected count by outages went up by 1k <e1> some extra outage for your outage <e1> you over achiever youCl0udNinja2022-07-13 01:16:22 CDT
101030<+sd> <onenerdyguy> i'm running into a weird ass rule <+fritzishippo> ass rules are not my speciality sorryJollyRgrs2023-05-08 15:00:49 CDT
10133015:11 <estranger> blacks are the bitchesmistiry2023-05-12 10:12:25 CDT
101530<constexpr> "OhhhHhhhh YES daddy. I will TOTALLY help you diagnose your USB port."fritzishippo2023-05-17 06:33:59 CDT
50530<lancehead> I'm no hamster engineer. I have no idea how they functionthegodsquirrel2021-11-04 06:22:29 CDT
76330vinrock | i dont want to smell other mens asses vinrock | but the caveman in me takes a giant whiff when i walk into the mens room and i just realized i do thisPublicWiFi2022-07-20 15:28:34 CDT
50930<Bru^> and I can still feel the sandpaper in my assholeJollyRgrs2021-11-04 23:55:22 CDT
76920<Cl0udNinja> SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH, I WAS OVERCOME WITH BACON LOVEJollyRgrs2022-08-01 15:56:55 CDT
51420lancehead | i love cockssintax2021-11-09 09:10:57 CST
102620<JollyRgrs> only if you needed big sizes <+sd> <Mitchy93 🇦🇺> which i did <SirSceptalot> then you made the right choice going blackconstexpr2023-06-12 02:31:52 CDT
25922<A​dventure in Computers> How do I look back at past quotes?catbeard2021-04-20 19:07:59 CDT
77120<PublicWifi> well I'm 1 for 1 on touching and liking dicksteh_f4ll3n2022-08-09 09:52:57 CDT
5214StrongBadmacinsight2020-07-04 14:46:36 CDT
26120<yuken> Hunterkll, what lube should I use to tap this screw hole? <+s-d> <B​lasteh> Kyxe0n2021-04-20 20:18:49 CDT
77320Lancehead | I will find you, and I will fuck youPublicWifi2022-08-10 08:56:20 CDT
26221<f​elda> I don't work hard at all lolgrumplestiltzkin2021-04-21 10:47:21 CDT
26320<+s-d> <J​ay-Ros> give him a handy, it'll keep him awake for another 10 minutes <+s-d> <j​kdjeff> You must not actually be a guy, those always put me to sleepxe0n2021-04-22 23:19:53 CDT
103320<SirSceptalot> hey a good dick is a good dickCl0udNinja2023-06-15 03:28:39 CDT
52420<Yukk> I am never alcohol againlancehead2021-11-16 02:27:46 CST
52621Hunterkll | now randomly spouting spaceballs lines is quote worthy?PublicWiFi2021-11-16 08:03:26 CST
5282014:36 <+sd> <h​ater of css> Can someone explain to me why none speaks fucking english in italy?mistiry2021-11-17 08:41:43 CST
104020<+sd> <jay_ros> I'll tell you how to wipe your ass if you ask, but I'm not gonna hold the paper while you twerkJollyRgrs2023-06-22 01:08:53 CDT
78521<csws> | PublicWifi, oh man.. that's a problem. I have too much body hair <csws> | I'm the absolute opposite of yukenPublicWifi2022-08-22 13:19:16 CDT
53020PublicWiFi | spiderman: where tf you been || spiderman | I've been on discord || spiderman | I've decided to embrace my handicapPublicWiFi2021-11-17 16:01:12 CST
27620<j​kdjeff> Dammit, us discord plebs can't votejimender22021-05-05 22:02:59 CDT
27720<+s-d> <j​kdjeff> Falling in love with software or platforms is always a mistake. Use the right tool for the jobJollyRgrs2021-05-09 15:59:22 CDT
2221[07.08.2020.23:36:06] <DomLS3> w00t my post in /r/sysadmin made it to the front page!: Congratulations! Your post made it to the front page. The first time we saw you on the front page your post was ranked 19 with 1553 comments and 5137 up votes. [07.08.2020.23:37:03] <PublicWiFi> oh noxe0n2020-08-07 08:43:58 CDT
27920"The hitting myself with a framing hammer package is part of the default Arch installation"DOMF2021-05-11 13:11:39 CDT
28020<APottedPlant> !quote anal <@DoTheNeedful> Unable to locate a quote matching the search term: anal <APottedPlant> goodxe0n2021-05-12 08:44:10 CDT
79220<DrZak> umm, i had the furry guy once, everything else multiple timesfritzisahippo2022-08-27 13:23:06 CDT
53720<SirSceptalot> no good story ever starts with milkCl0udNinja2021-11-23 02:34:29 CST
105220<teh_f4ll3n> I wired our old office with 568A just to fuck with the next guySirSceptalot2023-07-06 09:15:07 CDT
54120<fritzwastaken> wrong assquoteJollyRgrs2021-11-30 09:44:19 CST
79722<nobyk> How are you so wise in the ways of deception? <fritzistable> Ive been a table now for 2 months and no one has noticednobyk2022-09-02 16:24:37 CDT
105320<interop_madness> I swear to christ, I will book a first class plane ticket just to visit the guy and punch in his face who thought it was a great idea to introduce the "tab moves focus" feature in VSCodeTrifton2023-07-07 08:59:30 CDT
28721<+s-d> <B​ent> yea xe0n is basically sysadmin jesusxe0n2021-05-18 07:44:03 CDT
54320<vinrock> didnt like his raping stylesignofzeta2021-11-30 10:25:07 CST
105620<PublicWiFi> i can only cum from handjobs if they give me the disappointed and bored look my wife gives me when she gives me oneteh_f4ll3n2023-07-11 09:08:19 CDT
80120<Hunterkll> then it was just some dude standing on a table banging a cow next to the road in the middle of the dayJollyRgrs2022-09-05 10:37:42 CDT
105722<signalblue> what is the key?Trifton22023-07-14 14:39:06 CDT
105821<signalblue> what is the key? <int0x1C8> here ya go: G0FUC-Y0URS-ELF42Trifton22023-07-14 14:39:37 CDT
54820<SantasWiFi> just gotta convince SantaGibby to strap it to his assSirSantalot2021-12-09 08:53:06 CST
29423<jay-ros> xe0n - you there?enix2021-05-25 00:27:12 CDT
80620<monr0e> oh you're talking about anime now. Time for me to skedaddlexe0n2022-09-09 10:34:47 CDT
4323* m4221 (m4221@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/m4221) has left #reddit-sysadminxe0n2020-09-13 01:58:03 CDT
55820<nobyk> Man I just had some orange juice that was so good it popped my ears <nobyk> orangegasmlancehead2021-12-17 03:23:23 CST
30320<xe0n> can i ask a question? is it ok if i ask a question? <teh_f4ll3n> Only if you're on Discard <+sd> <a​lpha> Why only questions from Discord allowed? <Oliber> 'bofhxe0n2021-05-27 05:14:05 CDT
55920<lancehead> Just don't go looking for my school folder if you ever make it into my host somehow <lancehead> (really. it's all furry porn. all of it)csws2021-12-21 07:54:33 CST
81520<fritzistable> there is one that sounds like a fluff article written about myself <fritzistable> but its like 3 years old <fritzistable> !ud fritz <@DoTheNeedful> fritzistable: anyone who is gay (http://fritz.urbanup.com/3179609) <fritzistable> ...teh_f4ll3n2022-09-16 07:14:30 CDT
56021<lancehead> GOD I LIKE COCKteh_f4ll3n2021-12-21 08:18:47 CST
56220<PublicWiFi> s/enterprise switch/vagina <layer8> sd meant: "<N​injaStyle> i havent touched an vagina in 6 years"Cl0udNinja2021-12-27 15:20:03 CST
107420<Cl0udNinja> id love to tell one way or the other but wsl has decided to go fuck itselfTrifton2023-08-31 18:25:56 CDT
30720JollyRgrs | I bet hotmess is so much of a hot mess, he got lost in the freenode shuffle... while on discordmistiry2021-05-28 22:20:30 CDT
107520<SysAdminGoneCraZ> PattyCakes, What happens at lights out?? <fritzishippo> A rousing game of "Who'se in my mouth?"Cl0udNinja2023-09-04 18:08:55 CDT
5220<l8> PublicWiFi meant: "DO YOU NOT KNOW I AM A HIGH PRIEST OF THE COCAINE ORDER?"Fritzwastaken2020-09-17 07:47:48 CDT
5642122:41 <+sd> <N​injaStyle> So I’m thinking we should crowdfund a movie, hear me out… JUDE LAW in Semi-erect: a Hunterkll biopic. Then the cover is Jude law as hunterkll with his face covered in blow at a strip club.mistiry2022-01-05 16:42:34 CST
107620DOMF | I stg at least 75% of the time this channel tells me someone mentioned my /nick its cause the quotebot fired the quote of PublicWiFi telling me to put a banana in my ass and pretend I'm Jerry SeinfeldPublicWiFi2023-09-14 09:22:24 CDT
56520<b​denlinger> Pregnancy + constipation + enemas == Good butthole viewingPublicWiFi2022-01-07 08:27:30 CST
31020-- | enix is now known as m4221cryptic12021-06-01 17:37:37 CDT
82220<fritzistable> im loving the dick knobLancehead2022-09-21 02:58:51 CDT
31120[2021.06.02.22:45:54] <PublicWiFi> what brand? [2021.06.02.22:45:54] <cryptic1> what brand? <PublicWiFi> jinx <cryptic1> sorry i ran out all I have are BANTS ;)xe0n2021-06-02 07:47:37 CDT
56724<estranger> raping really ages you quicklyvinrock2022-01-11 11:32:33 CST
107920<sd> <arlion2> Vinrock auto corrects to buttockvinrock2023-10-03 08:36:14 CDT
5620<xe0n> refer to link: https://i.imgur.com/nQhjpB1.pngxe0n2020-09-23 06:01:02 CDT
82420<+sd> <Hotmess> you expect me to scroll up. shocker <Gibby> I mean, we don't really expect you to contribute anything useful given your history, but here we areJollyRgrs2022-09-26 16:20:07 CDT
5820<krumelmonster> Also please remember xe0n: No Politics, No Religion. Please respect. <fritzwastaken> s?)Yea xe0n! <fritzwastaken> Follow the rules ya jerkxe0n2020-09-26 06:53:12 CDT
5920<fritzwastaken> God damn it! How many quotes am i gunna be in... <+xe0n> hahahah <fritzwastaken> not more than rpifan thats for surexe0n2020-09-26 06:55:05 CDT
82720<CableNinja: I only stick my foot in my mouth every once in a while, but Im pretty sure thats just your default stance>signalblue2022-09-28 15:32:35 CDT
31620<+a1> riff-IRC: were the caged mice mad <riff-IRC> a1: very. Built a mechanism that could grab the trap, open it, and empty it without risk of me getting bit. <+a1> so despite all their rage, they were still just mice in a cage?xe0n2021-06-09 00:34:34 CDT
31720<+sd_> <B​ottlenekDolfin> my wife's not that physically attractive but we both like sex just as much so that worksJollyRgrs2021-06-10 00:19:17 CDT
57320<Lancehead_> i'm straight brother <Lancehead_> as straight as a board <yuken> Boards can be bent if you get them wet & hot enough, Lancehead_.mistiry2022-01-19 10:11:08 CST
31820<H​aise> https://stopdisablingselinux.com/Cl0udNinja2021-06-10 17:27:40 CDT
57420<sintax> "bourbon" <DrGibby> <.< <Lancehead_> it was coke wasn't it <DrGibby> shhhhhhhhhLancehead_2022-01-19 10:24:49 CST
83020<PattySpooky> Lather me up daddyJollyRgrs2022-10-03 08:15:45 CDT
32121<H​otmess> meh i like m4221e12021-06-15 00:11:35 CDT
32322--> | m4221 ([email protected]) has joined #reddit-sysadmin <-- | m4221 ([email protected]) has quit (Killed (zirconium.libera.chat (Nickname regained by services)))m42212021-06-15 01:06:23 CDT
83620DomLS3 | all yall who complain about sonicwall are the same people who probably bitch about nickelbackSpookyWiFi2022-10-06 09:04:38 CDT
58220lancehead (~root@user/lancehead) has quit (Quit: cock destroyer signing out)fritzwastaken2022-02-01 10:24:05 CST
32720<e1> your finger strength must be amazing <riff-IRC> oh yea <e1> hats off to your missusriff-IRC2021-06-21 20:54:57 CDT
58320<+sd> <f​elda> I've just received word that companies around the world are now changing the wording of "Family Sized" containers of food to "mistiry sized" to better reflect the sizes.mistiry2022-02-01 10:34:51 CST
83920<teh_f4ll3n> what sort of penises are you looking at?fritzistable2022-10-11 11:12:34 CDT
32920<enix> apparently they lost a hub <CoreISP> should use a switch instead. Pa-dum-tssss. I'll show myself out.enix2021-06-24 17:38:42 CDT
84720<radix0> How many DCs in a site do you need before it starts splitting the intra-site topology ring?A-KO2022-10-20 10:30:26 CDT
84922<SpookyNinja> GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS <fritzistable> EWWIES <SpookyNinja> UWUIESfritzistable2022-10-22 07:51:51 CDT
85021<fritzistable> Hunterkll: grats on the award bro <fritzistable> McManager of the month is an honor <Hunterkll> fritzistable: i saw you got one too, i didn't know they gave awards for being born rectallymistiry2022-10-22 09:36:51 CDT
8420<+s-d> <p​ublic static void ahendrix() {}> I disable all UWP on my domain computers. <+s-d> <p​ublic static void ahendrix() {}> When they kill win32 apps I'm gone.xe0n2020-11-03 17:46:25 CST
85220<fritzistable> So I am printing the Penismancer next <SpookyNinja> the Dickromancer <SpookyNinja> waitfritzistable2022-10-26 04:39:40 CDT
8520<+s-d> <s​unrunner20> I wonder if non multiple of Word sized variables have a performance penalty * +s-d <s​unrunner20> wonders what % of the room he just lost * +s-d <c​orona266> wonders what % of the room you hadxe0n2020-11-05 21:17:46 CST
8820<+s-d> <a​bakedapplepie> xe0n all you do is quotexe0n2020-11-05 23:18:00 CST
34621<csws> ok so I do have a discord account but I just use it for talking to people <Hunterkll> that's... what it's for..e12021-07-12 22:35:31 CDT
34720<xe0n> yeah i typically take all my messages with onlyfans these daysJollyRgrs2021-07-14 23:57:31 CDT
86221<fritzisamimic> *fritzisamimic slides himself through mistiry's db for sanitizationLancehead2022-10-31 08:57:01 CDT
9520[mistiry]: something happenedgrumplestiltzkin2020-11-09 13:52:31 CST
8642214:13 -- Lancehead is now known as CherryCocaine <CherryCocaine> *starts pole dancing* -- CherryCocaine is now known as Lanceheadfritzisamimic2022-10-31 09:14:18 CDT
86720<PublicWiFi> Would you like to hear a joke about SYN flood attacks? | <PublicWiFi> Would you like to hear a joke about SYN flood attacks? | <PublicWiFi> Would you like to hear a joke about SYN flood attacks? | <PublicWiFi> Would you like to hear a joke about SYN flood attacks? | <technonerd> RSTTrifton2022-11-04 10:08:13 CDT
61220<teh_f4ll3n> I don't feel like procrastinating today. I'll do it tomorrowSirSceptalot2022-02-18 06:34:43 CST
10123quote PublicWiFi | TurkeyGibby: can i stroke your snoodFritzwastaken2020-11-11 13:42:36 CST
86920<estranger> for more help /join 0 <*> Trifton (~Trifton@user/trifton) has leftmonrud0lph2022-11-04 10:10:22 CDT
35820<JollyRgrs> get it? get it? ROACHES! RAID! I make a joke!riff-IRC2021-07-29 22:22:22 CDT
61520<K​anye> I knew it was going to be one of those days | <K​anye> I felt it in the air, I felt it in the water. My arse was feeling a bit funny as wellPublicWifi2022-02-21 08:25:17 CST
61720<SirSceptalot> Hey, I didn't come here to be objectified <SirSceptalot> But I do like it, go onlancehead2022-02-22 02:13:46 CST
87320<+sd> <bdenlinger> But yea my bedroom has a lighting scene called "sex mode" <PattyFarmer> and then all the lights turn on <PattyFarmer> and the doors unlockJollyRgrs2022-11-11 10:36:37 CST
10623<DeepSpaceK9> I need to be more witty so I can enter the quote hall of fame.enix2020-11-13 22:33:21 CST
61920<vinrock> filipinos dont eat monkeys thats fuckin gross you think we're a bunch of savages? | <vinrock> we eat dogs thankyouverymuchPublicWifi2022-02-22 10:20:55 CST
10920<+s-d> <r​mg22893> the difference between a server and a desktop is how many phone calls you're going to get if you turn the box offxe0n2020-11-17 23:11:58 CST
62120JollyRgrs | i'm not a fan of shoving, i like to lovingly ease it inmistiry2022-02-25 09:58:22 CST
11120<DeepSpaceK9> That said if I did move out of this job I wouldn't hate slipping down to a help desk role for awhile. <@TurkeyGibby> slipping?xe0n2020-11-19 00:35:58 CST
62321<monr0e> wanking doesn't make me feel important, just tired and a little ashamedjay-ros2022-02-28 22:48:46 CST
36820<+sd> <P​ythonCommand.py> corn266 why can't i message you? <corn266> because i'm on IRC <+sd> <P​ythonCommand.py> howJollyRgrs2021-08-05 08:54:05 CDT
37221quote teh_f4ll3n | I play with myselffritzwastaken2021-08-09 09:47:53 CDT
11720<+s-d> <s​cruple> what are these quotes? <+s-d> <s​cruple> oh it doesn't show up here <@TurkeyGibby> yes <@TurkeyGibby> well <@TurkeyGibby> discord has a lot of limitations <xe0n> yeah it sucks <@TurkeyGibby> I mean, other than thatxe0n2020-11-21 00:45:38 CST
37420quote +sd | <p​ublic static void ahendrix() {}> If/when Discord goes under I will join the IRC, and you can quote me on that.fritzwastaken2021-08-09 18:48:29 CDT
63021<xe0n> stop doxing yourself mitchy...fuck sakejay-ros2022-03-03 22:37:31 CST
11922<nobyk> Anyone prefer opnsense over pfsense?xe0n2020-11-23 05:56:21 CST
88920<PattyPot> The holes in my body are not for you to grab into like you're drunk in a handicap toilet stallCl0udNinja2022-12-08 15:09:30 CST
12320<c​orona266> JERKIN OFF TO MISTIRYMcDonaldsWiFi2020-11-25 12:19:47 CST
63720<PublicWifi> yes ill nut in towels befoer i ever put another condom on lolthegodsquirrel2022-03-11 08:42:21 CST
89320<sintax> yeah <teh_f4ll3n> not the place for that rant <sintax> some of us are fappingcsws2022-12-14 08:19:52 CST
12620<a1> how old are you jet? <+s-d> <J​et> 23 <jay-ros> serious? <jay-ros> I thought you were 17xe0n2020-11-27 00:03:29 CST
63822<monr0e> It all started with PublicWifi fucking his dogSirSceptalot2022-03-11 09:28:34 CST
89420* estranger looks at his raw fingertips <teh_f4ll3n> just make her do it, estrangerfritzisdragon2022-12-15 07:46:40 CST
38420<fritzwastaken> rpifan is going to break down and ask to inspect some rando's Johnson Rod because of youjimender22021-08-14 19:38:16 CDT
12920[00:39:35] <Seirdy> everyone keeps shilling the trackpoint but honestly who needs that when vim keybinds exist? the mouse is obsoletemistiry2020-11-28 00:40:49 CST
64120* cryptic1 (~cryptic1@user/cryptic1) has joined <fritzwastaken> shit <fritzwastaken> back to workSirSceptalot2022-03-17 09:11:24 CDT
89720<FestivusNinja> I wouldnt ever go to the regular sexchange place, who knows how good they are, but expert-sexchange, man, theyre definitely expertssignalblue2022-12-21 23:42:28 CST
90320<sd> <Cating> Hello guys! <sd> <Cating> I would like to learn system administratorvinrock2023-01-06 10:12:50 CST
13621<+s-d> <c​orona266> i liked touching myself to anime girls on the internet <jay-ros> we know <+s-d> <c​orona266> had to learn how to run anti-malware and now we're herexe0n2020-12-02 20:45:05 CST
90520<sintax> can i touch your feet?monr0e2023-01-09 10:18:16 CST
65020Hunterkll | you look like something that'd be pimped out on discount at a gay brothelfritzwastaken2022-03-27 05:30:34 CDT
65220<teh_f4ll3n> I don't need DDoS to beat a kid, I'm strongerlancehead2022-03-29 09:51:40 CDT
90920<Lancehead> HARD JERKINGcsws2023-01-12 07:16:55 CST
65520<SirSceptalot> I'm seriously bothered by people not using a period at the end of a question. Do they not understand what a question mark is?JollyRgrs2022-03-30 01:53:03 CDT
65721Hunterkll2022-03-30 13:45:18 CDT
66120<fritzwastaken> if u havent fapped during a meeting you havent livedcsws2022-04-04 12:12:49 CDT
15022l8 | c|oneman meant: "$ derperderpderpderpderp derpderpderpderp"fritzwastaken2020-12-12 03:00:12 CST
91820<matiss> fault 1 : tolerance 0fritzistable2023-01-30 07:56:14 CST
40723<b​denlinger> goddamn neighbor is outside vaping his cotton candy againiphone2021-09-02 13:00:05 CDT
15421<m4221> JollyRgrs would you like to know where in southern siberia? <@SantaGibby> hopefully somewhere without internetxe0n2020-12-14 21:56:00 CST
66720<PublicWiFi> im real happy when I do myselfJollyRgrs2022-04-07 15:33:39 CDT
92320<rpifan> oh hey xe0n i got fired again <xe0n> doesn't surprise meJollyRgrs2023-02-06 18:59:40 CST
41320quote <csws> wow teh_f4ll3n going to prison RIP <teh_f4ll3n> brbteh_f4ll3n2021-09-06 10:59:27 CDT
66920<Hunterkll> DONUT FUCKING, LEMON STEALING WHORESSirSceptalot2022-04-08 02:30:19 CDT
93120<fritzistable> dude cock is delicious <teh_f4ll3n> I see you're craving for a cock <Hunterkll> i just buy whatever's cheapest as long as the ranking is the sameJollyRgrs2023-02-09 07:37:12 CST
16520<+s-d> <H​otmess> ` winget search wsl <+s-d> <H​otmess> Fedora Remix for WSL whitewaterfoundry.fedora-remix-for-wsl Tag: wsl <JollyRgrs> r-r-r-r-r-REMIX!xe0n2020-12-26 22:41:38 CST
93320<Lancehead> comply with my holefritzistable2023-02-14 07:03:03 CST
42220<S​ynapse> Im gonna use my digital footprints delete script for discord and see how it workss,. <S​ynapse> All my messages are being deleted in this serverCl0udNinja2021-09-10 01:36:14 CDT
67820PublicWiFi | at least my cousins are hotfritzwastaken2022-04-14 11:47:02 CDT
67920<yuken> xe0n, yes, I was offered a position as "Chief Twink Officer" if I did it.SirSceptalot2022-04-15 00:04:00 CDT
93520<+sd> <Jay-Ros> I'm just here to hold the legs, someone else fucks that catJollyRgrs2023-02-14 19:12:57 CST
68020<estranger> kafka affords me the best cock ringsteh_f4ll3n2022-04-19 10:14:26 CDT
42620<bloody> well by he, I mean the bot <bloody> s/he/it <layer8> bloody meant: "well by it, I mean tit bot"int0x1C82021-09-13 15:56:53 CDT
68220Hunterkll | ITS MY GIBBY AND I WANT IT NOW Hunterkll | 877 GIBS NOWfritzwastaken2022-04-19 12:57:30 CDT
93820<inquprising> for a quickie paper towel works fine but man it's hard to get offJollyRgrs2023-02-15 16:00:35 CST
42720<bloody> what does your client look like <bloody> IRC client <int0x1C8> well it looks like a bunch of textCl0udNinja2021-09-13 16:03:48 CDT
68420hunterkll> have you ever had a fucking anemone? <lancehead> Realistically, what answer do you expectSirSceptalot2022-04-21 06:19:34 CDT
17421<ramzilla> where is the non binary version man is offensiveJollyRgrs2020-12-28 01:40:15 CST
17520<catbeard> because who doesn't enjoy squirtinggrumplestiltzkin2020-12-28 15:30:51 CST
68720<lancehead> Thank you SirSceptalot, but you're both wrong; I just really like penisxe0n2022-04-22 03:12:56 CDT
94420* Arlion gets on his python mountain of a dickJollyRgrs2023-02-17 14:53:48 CST
94520<muppet> 3 inches and 45 mph winds sounds like me after taco night.JollyRgrs2023-02-20 14:54:10 CST
43420<mistiry> if it wasnt for here, i would never have learned that raid is best backupJollyRgrs2021-09-15 20:22:09 CDT
1792000:47:13 <+s-d> <H​asher> I can make an .exe you might not like opening.DrGibby2020-12-31 00:54:20 CST
69120<Lancehead> nice : P I work at a very open office next to a major walking route so I just use weechat in WSL <Lancehead> Makes people think I'm doing cool IT stuff when I'm actually admitting to several strangers that I'm into midgetsCl0udNinja2022-04-27 14:33:07 CDT
94920<JollyRgrs> PublicWiFi: sure it isn't just two bronies? if it's just two bronies, let them stay chained upinquprising2023-02-27 08:46:49 CST
18420m4221: "mistiry, in my opinion which is shared by others, you are an idiotm" xe0n: "@m4221, in my opinion which is shared by others, you are a known troll, we have logs"enix2020-12-31 20:33:16 CST
44020<+sd> <a​wlnx> Every since working in IT I get fucking cyber security, and rmm Ads <estranger> better than your old Fleshlight ads <+sd> <a​wlnx> Fuckin got meJollyRgrs2021-09-23 23:13:32 CDT
69720<Activ8> what does smh stand for <thegodsquirrel> shakes my head <Activ8> I thought it was suck my honker <Activ8> uwuxe0n2022-05-10 06:20:29 CDT
95420<monr0e> is that... is that a weeb shit poster up there * Lancehead has quit (Quit: Client closed)SirSceptalot2023-03-02 04:37:07 CST
18720<+s-d> <R​at - Comptia ServerMonke+> speaking of throughput i pleasantly woke up at 4am last night because BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP was coming from the server room <fritzwastaken> do you always call the room with your computers in it the server room? <+s-d> <R​at - Comptia ServerMonke+> no, the server room is in my basementxe0n2021-01-01 00:37:51 CST
1892022:20:45 <+s-d> <R​ootbear75> Copy pasting is actually really good when exportingDrGibby2021-01-04 22:21:28 CST
70220<PublicWiFi> but if you're in the UK its git innitJollyRgrs2022-05-12 09:17:23 CDT
96120<DomLS3> of course you wash. You ever slid your hand in the crease between your balls and leg and took a whiff after a day or two of no showering?vinrock2023-03-13 14:09:34 CDT
1952121:13:17 <jimender2> Im going to block *.microsoft.com so that I cant get on teams :)d12021-01-07 21:14:42 CST
45120int0x1C8 | "today is cloudy with 90% chance of raining dicks"bloody2021-10-12 16:28:34 CDT
45220<Hunterkll> freenode now has 2500 users, whereas libera has 50k, but..... it used to be 70k+ average easily <+sd> <J​ay-Ros> half of those are just millerboss' bots though, right?xe0n2021-10-13 20:27:43 CDT
96420<int0x1C8> what the fuck is it with turtles and shoes?fritziscomfyjean2023-03-16 10:11:37 CDT
19720<+s-d> <H​otmess> anyone know if there is central list for windows registry keysJollyRgrs2021-01-12 08:24:42 CST
45620+sd | <山姆> Why you oldies still using IRC? It is much less coolmistiry2021-10-15 09:32:13 CDT
45920<bloody> boss makes a dollar, i make a dime, thats why i poop on company timeJollyRgrs2021-10-18 08:51:58 CDT
46123< dragonfleas> ███████████████████████████████ < dragonfleas> ████╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬████ < dragonfleas> ██╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬██ < dragonfleas>m42212021-10-18 22:51:49 CDT
20620<+s-d> <R​at - Comptia ServerMonke+> i know zilch regarding cybersec i dont wanna hear itxe0n2021-01-19 21:16:02 CST
20820[08:20:11] * d1 does a like of Red Hat [08:20:16] <+d1> mmmmmmmm [08:20:43] <mistiry> does a like? [08:20:49] <+d1> FUCJ [08:20:53] <mistiry> FUCJ? [08:20:56] * d1 logs outmistiry2021-01-21 08:21:57 CST
46521better-spiderman is now known as even-better-spid <even-better-spid> fuckbloody2021-10-19 22:16:51 CDT
97720<+Kiernian> my one experience in second life was someone dropped their clit. like, the actual sprite for it, and couldn't find it to re-attach it.fritzistable2023-03-31 09:12:12 CDT
21220<Rpifan> Has anyone here grown weedint0x1C82021-01-25 15:24:47 CST
72520fritzwastaken | My mom is having fun right now with my grandmalancehead2022-06-20 09:56:45 CDT
98120<+sintax> i'll vouch for PattyCakes tonguefritzistable2023-03-31 15:43:51 CDT
47020<+sd> <H​unterkll> BITCH MY WHOLE LIFE IS ONLY VALIDATED BY OLD COMPTUERSxe0n2021-10-21 00:45:00 CDT
72820<b​denlinger> y'all really don't like going outside do you? <Hunterkll> i got a job at mcdonalds just to get out morecryptic12022-06-21 10:23:37 CDT
98520<Cl0udNinja> each card can simultaneously connect 2 devices to 2 systems <constexpr> Hes running a virtual brothel, if you didnt piece that together <teh_f4ll3n> is c1s mom in it, constexpr? <constexpr> c1s mom is in it, owns it, and runs it, all at the same time <teh_f4ll3n> is she the bouncer? or the main attraction? <Cl0udNinja> shes only the bouncer when she walksconstexpr2023-04-04 04:31:48 CDT
21920<JollyRgrs> i used to always eye all their joysticksteh_f4ll3n2021-01-27 12:02:05 CST
22220<S​ubaru(ninjakiwi7)> i've been doing this for decades <S​ubaru(ninjakiwi7)> and i work with guys who have been doing it for decades <S​ubaru(ninjakiwi7)> and cli is a waste of timegrumplestiltzkin2021-02-01 15:22:13 CST
73520Arlion | omg this guy's arm look so goodfritzwastaken2022-06-24 09:46:15 CDT
99222<StrongBad> I used to have a massive catalog of shitvinrock2023-04-12 14:40:47 CDT
99420<constexpr> "Is Discord harmful? Eh, Senator, I'd say it is a mixed bag. You know, there are people like Hunterkll (who is also on IRC) who has enough equipment in his basement to totally BLEEP you up, both technologically as well as physically. But then there are also folks like mitchy93 who incapacitate themselves entirely for years on end after a simple bike ride"SirSceptabot2023-04-14 09:29:54 CDT
73920<catbeard> also mmm love a good creampieJollyRgrs2022-06-28 21:03:41 CDT
23020<yuken> I'd rub that meat, SAGCxe0n2021-02-14 21:50:26 CST
48620<C​olour> Guys in this chat are pretty good IT people. Glad to have contact with people who know what they're doing and are smarter than me.int0x1C82021-10-28 10:30:23 CDT
74220PattyFajitas │ and yes, I'm about to go put her in a strangle hold and not let go until tuesdayfritzisfaded2022-07-03 20:50:20 CDT
100220<sintax> i saw a woman!SirSceptabot2023-04-20 08:24:30 CDT
23520JollyRgrs> i could just sit there all day popping them in my mouth, but the salt would near put a hole in my cheekgrumplestiltzkin2021-03-01 08:34:11 CST
4932104:39:11 PM <CptLuxx> good thing about puking <CptLuxx> you can eat it again <Cl0udNinja> ... are you a dog?HurdyGurdyBurdy2021-10-30 18:42:29 CDT
75122nun ([email protected]) has joinedenix2022-07-13 21:03:15 CDT
75220xe0n │ sweet! so word of advice,whatever you did at the previous jobs... don't do it at this one lol!fritzistable2022-07-15 05:12:22 CDT
75420<fritzistable> I sit down as hard as I can to make it go up as far as possibleJollyRgrs2022-07-15 10:21:20 CDT
101221<JollyRgrs> if I had to pay per use, i'd limit how often I used mine, toofritzishippo2023-05-11 13:02:58 CDT
75720<+sd> <J​ay-Ros> "You'll be fine, just drop into the Data Centre, rack up some servers, and if you run into any issues, jump on a random computer-ey chat on Discord and let them help our clients out"JollyRgrs2022-07-18 00:25:59 CDT
50220<technonerd> stop talking about my donglancehead2021-11-02 10:27:57 CDT
24720<xe0n> some people suck at asking questions <xe0n> refer to this channel <ogo> any idea how i can accurately time an animation that is being played in the browser?xe0n2021-03-23 08:43:22 CDT
50321<PublicWiFi> am I not normal?csws2021-11-03 08:27:59 CDT
101720<fritzishippo> AI isnt coming for strong independant deicision making MEN like the MATRIX isCl0udNinja2023-05-17 14:39:49 CDT
25126<+s-d> <p​arismillyteri> Yeah hunter knows their shit better than most of usJollyRgrs2021-03-24 23:41:09 CDT
102020<signalblue> use the "/quit" command to give me rep | * monr0e ([email protected]) has quit IRC (Quit: signalblue made me do this)signalblue2023-05-20 18:07:36 CDT
76720<@notgibby> un bent toJollyRgrs2022-07-26 14:12:31 CDT
76811quote bacon is meat candyCl0udNinja2022-08-01 15:52:49 CDT
77010<PublicWifi> ya boi gonna shit himself today fellasfritzistable2022-08-08 12:14:45 CDT
103010PublicWiFi: piss on a keyboard? nah gimme the cum@inquisitiveuprising2023-06-13 10:16:02 CDT
52311<12,99jay-ros99,99> 520? someone's been heavy on the quotessignalblue2021-11-15 22:12:51 CST
78010<PublicWifi> FITNESS ASS IN YO MOUFfritzisahippo2022-08-18 15:53:57 CDT
78110<Lancehead> fritzisahippo: damn right i have no idea what a sneaker is. i don't wear shoescsws2022-08-19 02:21:37 CDT
78410<misspwn> google deezJollyRgrs2022-08-22 09:02:25 CDT
27310<xe0n> i dunno why, but...all bon jovi songs feel like they go for 10 minutes <s-d> <b​denlinger> maybe it's because... <s-d> <b​denlinger> woooooo we're half way there <xe0n> i see what you did theregrumplestiltzkin2021-05-05 08:32:30 CDT
52910[15:42:50] <lancehead> (I have since retracted my statement; I am, in fact, a fucking idiot)teh_f4ll3n2021-11-17 09:43:57 CST
78610<csws> from Lancehead import Dickteh_f4ll3n2022-08-23 05:06:58 CDT
104210<vinrock> thems some nice tastin' ballsJollyRgrs2023-06-22 09:49:42 CDT
78810<csws> JollyRgrs, I shit into a bucket because I don't want to encourage sewage monopoliesJollyRgrs2022-08-26 10:20:51 CDT
53310SirSceptalot | regex is awesome, I hate itPublicWiFi2021-11-18 09:26:49 CST
78910JollyRgrs | teh_f4ll3n: a 19 is when you try to 69 with a dead person?mistiry2022-08-26 10:29:03 CDT
27810<s-d> <f​elda> For Mother's Day I increased the font size on all her devices. <s-d> <f​elda> She said it was the best Mother's Day gift.<s-d> <f​elda> Also I got her some flowers and fabric for her sewing machine, but whatever ¯\(ツ)/¯grumplestiltzkin2021-05-10 09:04:00 CDT
2510<+s-d><s​unrunner20> [img url] <+s-d><s​unrunner20> My home network atm <xe0n> nice clothes hooks <xe0n> how fast are they, 100mbp? <technonerd> 10baseTxe0n2020-08-11 23:13:19 CDT
79311<Hunterkll> HOW DOES "GROUP HUG" = LETS GET NAKED NOW <Kiernian|Work> I don't know. <Hunterkll> maybe you never got invited to the orgies i guessCl0udNinja2022-08-29 00:55:20 CDT
28310<+s-d> <B​lasteh> you irc boys have that quote botJollyRgrs2021-05-14 11:11:08 CDT
79510<bdenlinger> Lol Bionic Beaver sounds like some kind of AI powered sex dollcsws2022-08-30 11:34:19 CDT
105110<SirSceptalot> there are 2 kinds of people: those who can extrapolate from existing datavinrock2023-07-06 08:08:18 CDT
28414grupmlestiltzkinkindlehl2021-05-14 11:32:33 CDT
28510<+s-d> <j​kdjeff> Put your dick in it <yuken> hot. <yuken> mine's a bit too small thoJollyRgrs2021-05-16 00:40:39 CDT
3111<j​english> Are chess players athletes? <JollyRgrs> NOxe0n2020-08-29 21:28:05 CDT
54410<rpifan> on a personal level im opposed capitalism and profit <rpifan> but i need to eat <rpifan> and get the botoxxe0n2021-12-01 07:26:49 CST
80011<fritzistable> This is a quoteworth line of text that does not involve yiffing. Thank you for your time.fritzistable2022-09-03 10:18:05 CDT
54610fritzwastaken | nah the thong is there to floss after eatingPublicWiFi2021-12-01 09:27:07 CST
80210<CableNinja> yeah dont want the dentist smelling pissy teethfritzistable2022-09-05 15:03:30 CDT
29112testb12021-05-19 12:08:49 CDT
3611<rpifan> the fat ugly germans, oh they are all over me <rpifan> id rather jerk off insteadxe0n2020-09-07 10:07:17 CDT
80410<PublicWifi> Jay-Ros lives at 123 fuccboi dr, hnnnnnnggggcsws2022-09-07 10:08:50 CDT
106010<PublicWiFi> I make a pretty girl I tell you, I should start wearing dressesestranger2023-07-19 13:56:12 CDT
80511estranger | you are worse than a mongo dbPublicWifi2022-09-08 08:46:36 CDT
55011»» You are now known as GibbyWifi <SantaGibby> o_O <GibbyWifi> this is going to confuse the shit out of ppl later {some hours later} <yuken> GibbyWifi, bottling cider today-tomorrow probably. pog. <yuken> but I don't wanna wait 30 whole daaaays. <SirSantalot> who the hell is GibbyWifi? <yuken> oh <yuken> that's not GibbyWifi. <yuken> that's not gibby. <SirSantalot> lovechild of SantaGibby and SantasWiFi? <GibbyWifi> goteh_f4ll3n2021-12-10 04:22:30 CST
3911catbeard | "what is this? a restaurant for owls?"enix2020-09-09 21:35:20 CDT
106310sintax | i'm gonna show vegas my dick next next weekPublicWiFi2023-08-01 11:11:39 CDT
4010* notconnected (~lewl@2600:380) Quit (Quit: yes) <+xe0n> i hope he got the answer he was looking for <+Hunterkll> poor kids got a lot of reading to do on firewalls <+s-d> <n​ullrend> ibuprofen and aspirin for when he's done bashing head against desk <+Hunterkll> bottle of jack more likexe0n2020-09-10 00:04:07 CDT
55210iphone | if you build it, they will cumSantaWasTaken2021-12-10 11:01:40 CST
29710<s-d> <s​am.david19> (d) how BOTS are talking in hereHayden_Winters2021-05-25 00:33:54 CDT
29811<discord_> <o​xipital> (f) well, not if you have the strap ongrumplestiltzkin2021-05-25 15:03:10 CDT
106610<DomLS3> because JollyRgrs is rightPublicWiFi2023-08-14 16:08:22 CDT
55510<catbeard> i love a good slope that single black diamond? 2<SantaWasTaken2> is that... slang for someone? <SantaWasTaken> oh!Cl0udSanta2021-12-14 15:07:20 CST
4414<quote>enix2020-09-14 00:23:05 CDT
81210<perdent> Hunterkll whats the CVE? <Hunterkll> perdent: cve-go-fuck-yourself you little cuntCl0udNinja2022-09-16 02:25:28 CDT
55710<sd> <e​ndermen1094> how hard is it to get into being a sysadmin coming from a game dev in high schoolvinrock2021-12-16 14:43:43 CST
106910cryptic1 | Onedrive is a drop is replacement for githubmistiry2023-08-17 14:09:39 CDT
81410<sd> <Jay-Ros> we fix computer systems, not idiotsCl0udNinja2022-09-16 02:31:33 CDT
30410<fritzwastaken> I need to stop ordering taco bell breakfast. My sauce bucket is getting fullgrumplestiltzkin2021-05-27 11:24:40 CDT
107310<bdenlinger> Cause heaven forbid we ask farmers to not blanket their fucking fields in straight pissArlion2023-08-31 08:58:23 CDT
5110<Patrick> look, I'll listen to whatever you say PT lady. I just need to know I ain't gonna be fucked on the floor <Patrick> I prefer being fucked in a bedJollyRgrs2020-09-17 00:40:05 CDT
82010<Nerbearr> I don't care about the CIA <Nerbearr> It's APT groups. <Nerbearr> I am using it on a burner PC <Nerbearr> You don't know me or what i doKiernian2022-09-20 04:29:56 CDT
107710<fritzishippo> What constitutes a "monster" for you? <fritzishippo> 8"?signalblue2023-09-18 20:09:57 CDT
56810+sd | <H​otmess> mostly if they have brains they use pki instead of pkimistiry2022-01-11 18:18:55 CST
108011<signalblue> !quote seinfeldvinrock2023-10-03 09:35:07 CDT
31310<grumplestiltzkin> being into space, youd think elongated muskrat would know the well documented tale of the battlestar gallactica <PublicWiFi> grumplestiltzkin: maybe he's a cylongrumplestiltzkin2021-06-04 08:37:21 CDT
56910<enix> I'm great at spreading ;)JollyRgrs2022-01-11 21:30:00 CST
82510<PublicWifi> I remember finding a copy of Monsters Ball on VHS at my uncle's trailer [2022.09.27.23:36:48] <PublicWifi> watched Halle get naked so many times lol [2022.09.27.23:36:50] <mistiry> PublicWifi: and fapped it to halle berry <mistiry> LOLxe0n2022-09-27 08:37:30 CDT
57010<McDonaldsWiFi> i'm a silly bitchSirSceptalot2022-01-18 09:18:10 CST
82810<mistiry> yep i was in michaelshakygator2022-09-29 12:23:24 CDT
31910fritzwastaken | theres an entire cook book for seman CptLuxx | Hunterkll wrote it Hunterkll | whatPublicWiFi2021-06-11 08:06:04 CDT
57512<vinrock> | i took the past year to get over the shit relationship ive been stuck in for years <vinrock> | now im ready for some strangePublicWifi2022-01-24 11:14:37 CST
83110<PublicWifi> i want a direct ass repofritzistable2022-10-03 12:25:41 CDT
32011<oxipital> teh_f4ll3n, this is good because its pocket sized <oxipital> so i can pull it out, put it back no bs requiredJollyRgrs2021-06-11 10:53:28 CDT
57610<xe0n> s/flashlight/fleshlight <layer8> PublicWifi meant: "he cusses you the whole time cause you can't hold a fuckin fleshlight correctly" <xe0n> gotemSirSceptalot2022-01-26 08:06:00 CST
32210<H​otmess> would you honestly like the update on m4221? <a1> did he get a job? <Hotmess> short version he got premoted <gibby> promoted to customer?e12021-06-15 00:32:08 CDT
6711a12020-10-13 09:07:16 CDT
58010<+sd> <J​et> I am abstinent <+sd> <J​et> Only care about techxe0n2022-01-31 22:06:04 CST
83810<spookuprising> I love brownsvinrock2022-10-07 11:12:43 CDT
7114@d1> s/OUO/YOUnobyk2020-10-15 07:53:01 CDT
58410<J​ay-Ros> yeah a $5 adapter is gonna flop about like one of the girls in the dark parts of the club you find at the end of the nightSlaveGeek3342692022-02-01 16:48:07 CST
7510<+s-d> <c​orona266> i boof 4-6 raw eggs every morningxe0n2020-10-15 20:12:28 CDT
84510<mitt3ns> I'm quieting doods. Maybe don't quote people in the bot while making fun of them. That's more assholish.JollyRgrs2022-10-19 22:03:59 CDT
33510<BWMerlin> !quote 32 <BWMerlin> To be honest, I sometimes think I too should be in that discordxe0n2021-06-30 18:43:47 CDT
59110<PattyCakes> yea, don't fuck with our assesSirSceptalot2022-02-03 07:50:31 CST
33610jimender2> Im american. I cant spellJay-HPWebOS-Ros2021-06-30 18:46:42 CDT
8110<+s-d> <m​4221> DrZak, you appear to be new here. Who the fuck are you? <xe0n> m4221: you're not allowed to ask those sorts of questions while you're on discord. <m4221> DrZak, I ask again, but on IRC this time <m4221> DrZak, who are you?xe0n2020-10-30 00:54:09 CDT
59311<Hobadee> !quote 5pm <DoTheNeedful> Unable to locate a quote matching the search term: 5pme12022-02-03 21:24:23 CST
33810<+sd> <g​iraffe> I used dd to write zeros on those drives. Then I created a new GPT table on both of them and later, I made one NTFS volume on both of the disk. <JollyRgrs> Microsoft was pretty smart, they made it so you can install windows w/o using linuxxe0n2021-07-02 02:28:56 CDT
59510<mistiry> >BDSM Submissive Anal Holesvinrock2022-02-04 09:08:42 CST
34010<PrincessZoey> Who wants to watch me make out with a girl? <PrincessZoey> ....fucking irccloud this wasn't the channel I was just inCableNinja2021-07-02 15:06:21 CDT
34110<teh_f4ll3n> Please wait while the update system initializes <Oliber> please blow in to this tube to authorise your pfsense <xe0n> more like suck <BWMerlin> I thought everyone loved pfsensexe0n2021-07-07 05:24:07 CDT
85310<+sd> <Going Apeshit> lmao I'm trying to sudo cd here and it's telling me cd isn't found what the fuckJollyRgrs2022-10-26 10:49:38 CDT
60013<Hunterkll> mine can barely reatch the kitchen from here which is like a 5 second walk | <estranger> yeah my wife got a new pairSirSceptalot2022-02-11 10:19:21 CST
85710<muppet> Sorry d, I'll give you a rest.JollyRgrs2022-10-27 15:54:21 CDT
9010[06.11.2020.22:51:08] <StrongBad> rpifan: do you have personal goals [06.11.2020.22:51:13] <rpifan> lots of them StrongBad [06.11.2020.22:51:15] <StrongBad> like self improvement [06.11.2020.22:51:30] <StrongBad> do you think you exhibit erratic behaviorxe0n2020-11-06 06:51:44 CST
60210<sd> <Y​ukk> @Hotness Getting close, didn't need a mallet to take it out this time.Hunterkll2022-02-11 21:56:24 CST
85811<fritzistable> I need to go open mouth kiss a walmart workerSpookyNinja2022-10-28 04:14:28 CDT
9210[12:09:36] <@TurkeyGibby> NO THIS IS PATRICK [12:09:44] <Patrick> NO THIS IS PATRICKb12020-11-06 12:10:39 CST
86010<+sd> <Hotmess> sometimes i really hate how dumb ppl are in accedima <fritzistable> Did you mean accademiafritzistable2022-10-29 07:34:01 CDT
34916iphone2021-07-16 08:59:03 CDT
60610signofzeta | SELECT a.*, b.* FROM FritzFamily INNER JOIN 'if_you_get_my_drift'fritzwastaken2022-02-14 15:10:39 CST
86311<onenerdyguy> this hurts my soalmrghostman2022-10-31 08:57:33 CDT
35314<JollyRgrs> how else are you and the missus gonna watch all the incestual game of thrones scenes without the kids watching if no TV in the bedroom? <+sd> <r​yalln> im in front of a scren 100% of my dady , i want one less placexe0n2021-07-21 08:59:17 CDT
86611<CumFiend> time to destabilise the IRC with cum nicknames <CumFiend> SirNutsalot: Suggestion from my colleague: "SirSmegmalot"fritzistable2022-11-03 05:12:36 CDT
86810!quoteadd <estranger> for more help /join 0 <Trifton> 0 is an invalid channel name anyways <estranger> try it* Trifton (~Trifton@user/trifton) has left #reddit-sysadminTrifton2022-11-04 10:10:11 CDT
10710<xe0n> yuken gets his first job at a pizza shop > asks for 401k <yuken> xe0n, gotta invest early ya dumbass. <yuken> I want to be retired in my 40s.xe0n2020-11-15 22:44:42 CST
36311<r​etarded discord name> you suck mint is great <MikeSpears> mint is a dumpster fire <r​etarded discord name> you kinda right thoCl0udNinja2021-08-03 15:48:54 CDT
36510PublicWiFi | shit fucksfritzwastaken2021-08-04 09:39:00 CDT
88010<sd> <bdenlinger> lol sintax I bet you struggle not to touch an electric fenceHunterkll2022-11-23 13:25:46 CST
62510<Cl0udNinja> its like C, C# and python had a drunken drugfueled orgy and rust is their retarded babyriff-IRC2022-03-01 14:40:39 CST
88110Hunterkll2022-11-23 14:26:07 CST
62710<CableNinja> STOP GETTING PREGNANT <CableNinja> VAGINA IS NOT A CLOWNCARSirSceptalot2022-03-02 02:25:36 CST
88310<DrPattyOperates> I WOULD FUCK THAT FURBYCl0udNinja2022-11-29 00:30:39 CST
88410<Arlion> I AM GAY!.SirSceptalot2022-11-30 07:47:04 CST
37310quote PublicWiFi | THE SEAT IS WOMENfritzwastaken2021-08-09 10:18:24 CDT
88510<PublicWiFi> its only micro when it's softJollyRgrs2022-11-30 08:17:59 CST
12013< xe0n> booonobyk2020-11-23 06:06:04 CST
88812<PattyPot> brown gets me downthegodsquirrel2022-12-08 13:48:03 CST
37811<MikeSpears> fuck pfsense... I mean the products are good, but just fuck the companyxe0n2021-08-12 08:37:29 CDT
89010"<SirSceptalot> actually you came at an opportune time. Do you know if toilet tossing provides standard toilets in weight classes, or are they BYOT events? <Lancehead> fuck the what"Kiernian|Work2022-12-09 03:11:09 CST
63510<+sd> <m​itchy93> I'm the kind bullshit talkerJollyRgrs2022-03-09 15:21:39 CST
89110<Cl0udNinja> I dont make any noise other than groans and the like, lolJollyRgrs2022-12-12 22:30:30 CST
38010<+sd> <b​denlinger> I swear every executive from the 90s was on cocaine. <zetorian> Bold of you to assume it stopped in the 90s <PublicWiFi> never underestimate neckbeardsxe0n2021-08-12 08:57:07 CDT
89210<Arlion> cryptic1's mom is so stupid, she went to the dentist to get a Bluetooth.signalblue2022-12-13 15:50:41 CST
89610FeralTerminator: I got a better chance getting a christmas day blowie from vinrock's mom during the christmas dinner than winning the lotteryArlion2022-12-21 14:07:46 CST
89810<Kiernian> the lion, the witch, and the audacity of that bitch.fritzisdragon2022-12-26 08:08:10 CST
38710rpifan | pflege means care, in the medical sense too @gibby | please pflege me xe0nmistiry2021-08-16 18:22:36 CDT
13213sideup662020-11-29 22:04:01 CST
64410Hunterkll | it's a blowjob machinefritzwastaken2022-03-21 19:38:28 CDT
90010<SirSceptalot> anyway, a good blowjob later and it's running again <SirSceptalot> dunno what happened to the computer but at least I had funCl0udNinja2023-01-03 00:47:28 CST
13313please do the needful sirsideup662020-11-29 22:04:18 CST
38910<Hobadee> damnit - how do you add a quote?iphone2021-08-19 10:42:09 CDT
64811<vinrock> GIBBY WILL BREAK YOU <*> DrGibbysWifi has kicked signalblue from #reddig-sysadmin (no)monr0e2022-03-24 14:22:41 CDT
13710<+s-d> <R​hubarbBread> Do I need a router between my modem and my managed switch? It kinda dictates whether I buy a modem-only device or a modem/router combo... Home network btwJollyRgrs2020-12-02 22:54:25 CST
39310<monoxane> this is too funny but i have to go back to being a code monkey hopefully you work out how to open a new tab and type google.com some time before the inevitable heat death of the universeJollyRgrs2021-08-23 00:29:42 CDT
90610<teh_f4ll3n> lol SQL express install: error 3010. Log says installed successfully and all checks passed:D  <Lancehead> 3010 = install succeeded but restart required <teh_f4ll3n> why not just fucking say that?Lancehead2023-01-10 05:13:19 CST
14013eeeeeeeeeeeeee https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/surrealmemes/images/b/bd/Orang.jpg/revision/latest/top-crop/width/300/height/300?cb=20181230150131sideup662020-12-04 21:56:57 CST
14112estranger | NEEDS MORE KAFKAMcDonaldsWiFi2020-12-07 09:34:47 CST
40110<+sd> <P​ublicWiFi> This feels dirty.JollyRgrs2021-08-31 09:13:06 CDT
65810<PublicWiFi> i love man shitHunterkll2022-03-30 13:45:34 CDT
91410<sd> <Sparky> Should probably do Sex+/Net+ and get a jr security engineer positionCl0udNinja2023-01-19 14:15:31 CST
40310teh_f4ll3n | the fuck are you doing on hold? go to bread! xe0n | can you use AD with an IP and not a domain...as in...not specify a ad namespace? signalblue | yeah like can I domain join a computer by using the DC's IP? fritzwastaken | xe0n: GO TO BREAD! xe0n | no xe0n | LOLfritzwastaken2021-08-31 10:31:53 CDT
65910<JollyRgrs> "i was watching LTT".... and that's where i stopped caringvinrock2022-03-31 14:42:49 CDT
91512<inquprising> my discord broke <+sd> <Natecat> yeah it's crapping outJollyRgrs2023-01-19 19:10:39 CST
91610<sd> <Alternity> anyone using chatGPT for work? <technonerd> who needs a public defender when you can chatGPT your way outta troubleinquprising2023-01-20 17:11:30 CST
40610xe0n | ive used a few, they're ccccccvdbbflinicnhnkthkkjkfcrdudjthibkiuthdcfritzwastaken2021-09-01 20:32:19 CDT
66212<PublicWiFi> I had a obese dude get mad at me and take a mean poop in teh bathroomSirClicksalot2022-04-06 08:31:16 CDT
66310<PublicWiFi> estranger gimme a mold of your peen so I can finally please my wifeLancehead2022-04-06 08:39:31 CDT
15210[13.12.2020.15:46:09] <yuken> holy shit I am mentally handicappedxe0n2020-12-12 23:47:23 CST
66410[23:25:56] <fritzwastaken> Why am I so toxic...Hunterkll2022-04-06 22:26:30 CDT
92010<Kiernian|Work> I felt the balls and they were perfectJollyRgrs2023-02-03 00:48:53 CST
92110<JollyRgrs> so why do you have a need to RDP into them? <+sd> <Ryu> because then I have to learn how to move files around in command lineJollyRgrs2023-02-04 01:15:32 CST
92410<d1> you can get this unique DIK N UR MOUFfritzistable2023-02-06 19:37:44 CST
15710[15:50:55] <+s-d> <m​4221> JollRgrs, it is so nice to see you here again. Thank you so much for all your helpful comments!mistiry_2020-12-17 15:52:15 CST
92510<Joe_> next you'll be telling me that France is a countryteh_f4ll3n2023-02-07 05:56:59 CST
15811[17:30:35] <+s-d> <r​mg22893> I did a migration and went from 2018.4 straight to 2020.2.1 HF1b12020-12-17 17:47:39 CST
4151022:39 <Work-BWMerlin> But then I started to not have friends so there was no point in a dedicated chat client and a separate email client and Thunderbird did enough for me 22:39 <GeorgeBluff> I just figured out irc at almost 11PM 22:40 <GeorgeBluff> guess who has no friends 22:40 <gibby> cryptic1 doesn'tjimender22021-09-08 21:42:32 CDT
67210<@DrGibbysWifi> I'd throw money at your bumJollyRgrs2022-04-11 16:16:52 CDT
92811<Hunterkll> arduino, ethernet shield, IR dildo <Hunterkll> er <Hunterkll> diode <Hunterkll> wtfKiernian2023-02-08 16:40:27 CST
92910<sd> <Hunterkll> hey, yuyu is a friend of mine, i won't have you talking bad about her like that! <Cl0udNinja> oh are we refering to yuken as she now?SirSceptalot2023-02-09 03:14:01 CST
16210<+s-d> <J​et> everything i need to learn is on the internet pretty muchJollyRgrs2020-12-22 23:59:05 CST
67410<fritzwastaken> I fucking hate sitting there taking a shit and making eye contact with someone washing their hands throught the slot in the doorvinrock2022-04-13 09:17:53 CDT
41910<JollyRgrs> if you are getting Kellog's Boot Loops, I hope it at least comes with a toy in the boxsignofzeta2021-09-09 20:38:05 CDT
67610<yuken> JollyRgrs, I didn't get that part because I'm stupid.JollyRgrs2022-04-14 08:05:07 CDT
93210<vinrock> bruh eat a dick i got 7 leftSirSceptalot2023-02-10 08:47:56 CST
93410<horseuprising> I'll just fuck your mom so i get a family discountfritzistable2023-02-14 13:16:28 CST
42310<Hunterkll> at least GCP doesn't go down like cryptic1 if you wave a quarter in his faceCl0udNinja2021-09-11 02:47:56 CDT
16810<@DoTheNeedful> Quote #166 added, check it out on https://dotheneedful.online <+s-d> <H​otmess> nice to know your saving my epic wisdom xeonxe0n2020-12-26 22:43:28 CST
93610<+sd> <Coldmess> how long is your scrotumJollyRgrs2023-02-15 00:14:07 CST
42514<bloody> well by he, I mean the botint0x1C82021-09-13 15:54:08 CDT
68110<f​elda> You don't want to know how many dicks I had to tug to get that.fritzwastaken2022-04-19 12:02:17 CDT
17210[17:27:41] <corona266> more like IP on ur mum [17:27:42] <+s-d> <p​ublic static void ahendrix() {}> We all shouldcorona2662020-12-27 16:29:29 CST
42913quote @JollyRgrs | stop cluttering it up with poopOliber2021-09-15 09:00:19 CDT
94111<fritzistable> ive been playing with my wife for a long timeMrDrDicktard2023-02-16 09:05:19 CST
43014<fritzwastaken> i am super dumb and quote everythingint0x1C82021-09-15 09:01:51 CDT
94210<PublicWiFi> do you want a man or a boy <PublicWiFi> choose lolfritzistable2023-02-17 08:04:35 CST
43114quote int0x1C8 | !add <fritzwastaken> i am super dumb and quote everythingfritzwastaken2021-09-15 09:02:28 CDT
68810<+sd> <F​eralTerminator> So I sit down at my desk and I start to hear something I should NOT have to hear at work... 2 racoons hate fucking in the wall next to meJollyRgrs2022-04-25 08:46:01 CDT
43312<int0x1C8> if hitler had targeted furries instead of jews I'd be a neo-nazi todayiphone2021-09-15 15:14:57 CDT
68910<bomb> human milk is tastythegodsquirrel2022-04-27 06:56:14 CDT
94610<SirSceptalot> it could have been around the time when... hey come to think of it, does c1's mum live in texas? <fritzistable> parts of her domonr0e2023-02-21 06:42:14 CST
94711[12:43:29] <misspwn> wow ya, PattyCakes is rightPattyCakes2023-02-24 12:45:29 CST
18110<+s-d> <R​ootbear75> now i need to send you some DMs because i have questions <catbeard> gotta be on irc <+s-d> <R​ootbear75> weechat doesn't work on windows <catbeard> ssh to a server that doesxe0n2020-12-31 11:31:33 CST
69410<JollyRgrs> Joe_: yeah, i got a flow you can see, but it's on my onlyflows account, you gotta pay up to see thatlancehead2022-05-06 07:58:38 CDT
69510<bdenlinger> gave your mum the ole release pipeline last nightlancehead2022-05-06 09:18:06 CDT
95110<PattyCakes> Neighbor told my to stop signing Shania Twain in my backyard naked. I wonder how they noticed. <Work-BWMerlin> I guess it didn't impress them muchJollyRgrs2023-02-27 21:01:32 CST
18511<+s-d> <R​at - Comptia ServerMonke+> rat is back <nullrend> ♪ backstreet rat is backxe0n2020-12-31 23:28:07 CST
44210<C​olour> | Their bottom line being drinking and being lazy and not learning anything new yes CptLuxx | sounds like rpifanPublicWiFi2021-09-29 10:40:58 CDT
19013<R​at - Comptia ServerMonke+> it's not dedicated. And a 10gbps link sure as hell doesn't cost $549/mo!ekaj2021-01-05 10:43:02 CST
44610<iphone> I'm a dog-cat hybrid, my fursona is named CatDOgSpookyGibby2021-10-06 12:34:37 CDT
19110quote pcspkr | I forgot opensuse is pretty stylishcryptic12021-01-05 20:41:42 CST
44812<iphone> I tried to add it to my nick, but libera says that's an errogenous nickiphone2021-10-06 12:57:42 CDT
19410<+s-d> <J​oe> Anyone know what software was used for the security threat alert on the capitol PC? <+s-d> <J​oe> https://imgur.com/a/JWnoMnixe0n2021-01-07 09:42:52 CST
45410<+sd> <S​ir Sceptalot> You just don't get it jollyrgrs. You know all the smart people are on discord nowadaysJollyRgrs2021-10-14 09:06:51 CDT
71010<+sd> <Y​ukk> As it turns out - I may have hypothyroidism. Shit can lead to straight up psychosis. <xe0n> did google tell you this? <fritzwastaken> nah, his bfs dadxe0n2022-05-26 08:56:26 CDT
96610<fritzisahippo> rpifan: I would expect you to be much more skilled at being unemployed by nowJollyRgrs2023-03-17 17:20:00 CDT
19910<s-d> <H​unterkll> hilariously, almost got caught with my pants downgrumplestiltzkin2021-01-13 10:25:04 CST
96711<sintax> no work <sintax> more fappin <PublicWiFi> helloteh_f4ll3n2023-03-20 10:29:50 CDT
71210<+sd> <m​itchy93> I'm going to milk this anyway, I can't work one handed on a keyboardteh_f4ll3n2022-06-03 05:40:29 CDT
96910<Hunterkll> sure, like you just fuck some dude's ass cuz she's worn out right?fritzistable2023-03-24 04:17:13 CDT
71410< PublicWiFi> or dong, I like that onemrghostman2022-06-06 11:49:43 CDT
71510vinrock | ive spread my ass so many times i cant countPublicWiFi2022-06-06 11:50:40 CDT
20410+d1 | sup qt3.1415fritzwastaken2021-01-18 19:03:53 CST
97210<Cl0udNinja> 550... sure... 750.. ok... 755.. sure, I guess.. 554... WHO SMOKED THE PIPE TOO HARD?!fritzistable2023-03-27 05:08:50 CDT
71710PattyCakes | anyone else routinely sneeze and accidentally shit yourself?PublicWiFi2022-06-10 10:08:41 CDT
97310teh_f4ll3n: Thank you Arlion, you are the greatest linux systems engineer that ever was. You are so great and mighty. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy shitposting day to bless me with the holiest of Richard Stallman's commands.Arlion2023-03-27 10:27:53 CDT
71810<+sd> <m​itchy93> Nah, I'm a softcock <xe0n> yeah we know, even a bike can beat you up <+sd> <m​itchy93> Bite me <PublicWiFi> lol <PublicWiFi> but xe0n is rightxe0n2022-06-13 07:38:59 CDT
20710<w​aiting for you> So I’ll probably do a diploma in system admin to see if I can get a junior role <w​aiting for you> Maybe stay there for a year and hope my php skills are enough to be a developerekaj2021-01-19 23:20:12 CST
9751013:54 <JollyRgrs> SirSceptalot: i'd prob end up on the sexual predators list in today's worldmistiry2023-03-29 08:55:29 CDT
72110<PattyCakes> The boss routinely grabs my junkcsws2022-06-20 03:33:26 CDT
72210Hunterkll | clothes are nothing more than government oppressionlancehead2022-06-20 03:41:44 CDT
72310<PattyCakes> cryptic1 get back to working on my momJollyRgrs2022-06-20 09:27:41 CDT
72410<+sd> <f​elda> RAID is one of my backup solutions yesJollyRgrs2022-06-20 09:46:42 CDT
72610<PattyBakes> PublicWiFi blood was drawn at 3:27pm (15ish ago) <PattyBakes> no results back yet <PattyBakes> testing for homosexual goblin levels <PattyBakes> sorry hemoglobin*Cl0udNinja2022-06-20 15:42:48 CDT
72710<Hunterkll> i got a job at mcdonalds just to get out morecryptic12022-06-21 10:22:33 CDT
98310<+PattyCakes> I just love potatosfritzistable2023-04-04 03:24:46 CDT
72911Hunterkll | bitch is plugged in and chargingfritzwastaken2022-06-21 11:32:40 CDT
73110<jay-ros> tfw someone finds your search results of "invisible man ejaculating"JollyRgrs2022-06-23 01:00:16 CDT
47611[a normal sysadmin is not immortal, only a wise reddit-sysadmin is immortal ]Activ82021-10-25 05:19:49 CDT
22112<v​yz> welp boys just did my first ever raid 0 on a homelab servergrumplestiltzkin2021-02-01 12:55:32 CST
47710<PublicWiFi> i feel like im not a REAL asshole, just a fake oneJollyRgrs2021-10-25 08:12:43 CDT
73410PublicWiFi | I AM MOIST FOR YOUfritzwastaken2022-06-24 08:51:36 CDT
47910<+sd> <s​ysadmin> NAT is the best firewallJollyRgrs2021-10-26 18:00:17 CDT
99111<teh_f4ll3n> Generaal_Eric, you're old enough to know to google first before asking questions in IRC <teh_f4ll3n> no excusesfritzisahippo2023-04-12 06:21:53 CDT
22410<rpifan> also i just got banned from ##techsupportxe0n2021-02-03 19:56:09 CST
48310<signalblue> why is IIS shit <signalblue> oh wait IIS is not shit <signalblue> my firewall is not setup correctlyxe0n2021-10-27 17:21:54 CDT
48510[2021.10.29.01:16:08] <yuken> I think I'd qualify as a "twink" if I lowered my body fat percentage, but eh. I don't think I stand out enough to be OnlyFans worth.xe0n2021-10-28 10:16:48 CDT
99810<A-KO> anyways if any of y'all find your way to CA I'll give a factory tour as long as you're a US citizen and don't work for any competitors :P <JollyRgrs> A-KO: well, i mean... tbf, most everyone in here is probably a virgin... and they are a competitor, right?SirSceptalot2023-04-17 08:43:34 CDT
99911<DomLS3> | post the god damn link <vinrock> | hey ill link it <vinrock> | you guys better not gime shit <vinrock> | https://twitter.com/VaxFreeSperm/status/1647961321722327040 <PublicWiFi> | LMFAOPublicWiFi2023-04-18 09:08:55 CDT
74410fritzisfadeder | Should I Plan C my mother while I have c-section... lancehead | wat fritzisfadeder | wrong chatlancehead2022-07-04 08:49:51 CDT
100012<estranger> fritzishippo, I just paid the IRC $156kJollyRgrs2023-04-18 09:49:48 CDT
23310< APottedPlant> yall know that feeling when you have to poo really badnobyk2021-02-25 09:16:15 CST
100110<+sd> <Jay-Ros> maybe you should start using an office naming convention with minint then? |<+sd> <Zurk> lol i cant just change our naming standardsJollyRgrs2023-04-19 08:54:06 CDT
74710PattyCakes │ I do things that make you go "damn"fritzistable2022-07-05 17:41:21 CDT
100310<constexpr> So in my office, 100% of vim users are on drugs, basicallyfritzishippo2023-04-26 09:01:33 CDT
23610<J​ay-Ros> I have some slight memories of partyingAPottedPlant2021-03-04 00:05:20 CST
74810fritzistable │ each one is minted with a Certificate of authenticity that includes what was eaten that day, so you can verify the fartsumfritzistable2022-07-07 08:57:06 CDT
100410SirSceptalot | so does poop, but you don't see me sucking on sintax's willy because it might be a better alternativesintax2023-04-27 08:22:46 CDT
23710[19:56:56] <+s-d> <s​ticks> Really, you need to say that I am I typeing here? I'm using vim to type it out lmaomistiry2021-03-05 19:59:06 CST
4941204:39:11 PM <HurdyGurdyBurdy> good thing about puking <HurdyGurdyBurdy> you can eat it again <CptLuxx> ... are you a dog?CptLuxx2021-10-30 18:44:26 CDT
100710<StrongBad> that duckling is such a slut you can see it in her eyesfritzishippo2023-05-02 15:16:13 CDT
100810<monr0e> I never thought I'd say the words " massively suicidal bears with constant hardons"SirSceptalot2023-05-04 09:13:13 CDT
75310SirSceptalot> oh no <SirSceptalot> I just did an old person double click <SirSceptalot> I knew this day would come, but not nowvinrock2022-07-15 08:02:34 CDT
49810<teh_f4ll3n> you gonna lick it while it's on? :D <PublicWiFi> ill lick you senpaiSirSceptalot2021-11-02 07:49:43 CDT
24310<b​denlinger> I mean, exposing 3389 to the internet isn't the dumbest thing... I've seen today.grumplestiltzkin2021-03-12 09:03:52 CST
49910<csws> my place was in the resources industry so they treated us like we drink into gold plated urinalsxe0n2021-11-02 08:56:23 CDT
75510<rpifan> im much more willing to try random stuff <rpifan> shoved in my faceteh_f4ll3n2022-07-15 11:58:37 CDT
75610<CoJaBo> Apparently, we've turned everyone's hamsters PortugueseSirSceptalot2022-07-16 05:16:35 CDT
75810+sd | <R​oadcrosser> I swear my actual sysadmin stuff is not this jank +sd | <R​oadcrosser> which reminds me I should add backups on my servers already +sd | <R​oadcrosser> I keep putting it offekaj2022-07-18 00:48:05 CDT
101410<xe0n> whadda shit showSirSceptacop2023-05-16 03:41:14 CDT
50410<hunterkll> and i'm not afraid to get it wetJay-Ros-NotAPie2021-11-03 23:56:38 CDT
25010<+s-d> <E​nergy Drink Girl> how do you simulate a ddos on a local web server on nginx <E​nergy Drink Girl> well my website is suffering from a layer 7 ddos attack, I'm trying to replicate the attack with my new nnginx configuration <+s-d> <E​nergy Drink Girl> i tried ddosim but im getting errorsxe0n2021-03-24 23:39:53 CDT
50610<estranger> I'm not only the master of Kafka, also the master of what goes in my mouthteh_f4ll3n2021-11-04 06:37:53 CDT
76210<felda> cryptic1's mom is quite nice. <PublicWiFi> nice in the sack <PublicWiFi> AMIRITE <shakygator> its been almost 6 years so im winningsignofzeta2022-07-20 15:22:58 CDT
101912monr0e2023-05-20 18:07:06 CDT
25210JollyRgrs 2) hot sex beats a stella on a hot dayjimender22021-04-01 20:06:00 CDT
25310<enix> No other game will you have someone run up to you, naked, carrying a spear, screaming "let me sniff your dick"JollyRgrs2021-04-03 01:40:29 CDT
76510<JollyRgrs> i want her to dip her toes in hummus and then lick her fingers that are dipped in vegamitefritzistable2022-07-25 12:24:00 CDT
51010<+sd_> <f​elda> Does anyone here happen to know how much it costs to get tested for autism as an adult?xe0n2021-11-05 09:36:41 CDT
76610<+sd> <b​denlinger> Got like 6 inches overnightteh_f4ll3n2022-07-26 06:54:17 CDT
51110<sd_> <K​hroners> Well, i wanted to try out Intune. 2hours with errors. I love Intune !Cl0udNinja2021-11-06 15:28:19 CDT
102310<d1> fuck gibby | <d1> he's an assholeJollyRgrs2023-05-21 21:38:04 CDT
102403<+fritzishippo> it was a joke... <kenrin> Nope you need a diagnoses <xe0n> no ufritzishippo2023-05-22 00:07:24 CDT
51300* giveshead is now known as lancehead <xe0n> you give head? confirmed. <lancehead> I do! Want some?xe0n2021-11-08 07:32:00 CST
25800<technonerd> i wish i had a hydraulic press so i could do my wheel bearings <+s-d> <c​rit> i wish i had a hydraulic press so I can finally get some good CBTxe0n2021-04-13 19:57:15 CDT
51500<+sd> <H​otmess> its full of those monsters you see on navel chartsJollyRgrs2021-11-09 09:19:25 CST
10270011:50 <Cl0udNinja> wow what the fuck is that bullshiiiit 11:51 <Cl0udNinja> guess im typing by hand goddammitinquprising2023-06-12 11:52:06 CDT
51600'internal, external, doesnt matter' mistiryTelgareith2021-11-09 09:55:50 CST
102800<sd> <feralterminator> You got a new house? Cool. I hope its a nice one <muppet> Yah it is. Brand new. Never been pooped in.SirSceptalot2023-06-13 07:10:31 CDT
51700<Telgareith> so I don't need to embarrass myself againthegodsquirrel2021-11-09 09:59:14 CST
102900<inquisitiveuprising> Have you tried asking your wife to rebirth youfritzishippo2023-06-13 10:01:10 CDT
77400<ekaj> cryptic1: i just submitted a bug report bitch i am working <cryptic1> well yeah you aren't using the product correctly <ekaj> i have never said i was good at IT <ekaj> just that I work in itxe0n2022-08-11 23:03:43 CDT
51900<vinrock> my moms cook is a fuckin beastCptLuxx2021-11-12 14:30:17 CST
103100"<estranger> my ego is right-sized, unlike your VMs"Kiernian|Work2023-06-14 06:52:23 CDT
52000<+fritzwastaken> i have a 2.5 package, is that ok?JollyRgrs2021-11-12 18:41:02 CST
52100<vinrock> and if all else fails, get yaself a hot air station and a t203 chip writer <PublicWiFi> teh_f4ll3n can supply you with infinite hot air from his headSirSceptalot2021-11-15 08:15:01 CST
2660218:23 < SAGC> !up 160IRChickenLitToll2021-04-26 17:25:52 CDT
52202<Lancehead> wowawiewow, king in the castle, king in the castle, I have a VLANlancehead2021-11-15 08:53:05 CST
77800<Hunterkll> DrZak: I NEED TO CHECK INSIDE YOUR ASSHOLESirSweatsalot2022-08-17 01:47:42 CDT
103400<PublicWiFi> "I could get 3rd degree burns on my asshole at any second... HNNGGG"JollyRgrs2023-06-15 07:59:06 CDT
26703/quit hacked lelIRChickenLitToll2021-04-26 23:08:39 CDT
77900<+sd> <D​edsec> am i talking to humans or bots ? <fritzisahippo> bots mainlyxe0n2022-08-17 05:27:52 CDT
103500<Hunterkll> Cl0udNinja: yea well I half-liked fuckin' twilight so the fuck does that tell you, i'd probably like that tooCl0udNinja2023-06-16 03:11:26 CDT
26800<xe0n> dude its dollar store discord <voice> its discord without the spyware <JollyRgrs> i think the main diff between matrix and discord is that discord logs to China nad matrix logs to Russiaxe0n2021-04-27 09:31:52 CDT
103600<+fritzishippo> why does it smell like hot euro sex in here? <SirSceptalot> s/ / *CLAP* <+layer8> fritzishippo meant: "why *CLAP* does *CLAP* it *CLAP* smell *CLAP* like *CLAP* hot *CLAP* euro *CLAP* sex *CLAP* in *CLAP* here?"fritzishippo2023-06-20 04:05:01 CDT
26900Endermen1094[m] | <s-d "<J4Y> For $50 you can clean that"> Sounds a little siscatbeard2021-04-27 18:34:42 CDT
103700<onenerdyguy> I'm getting really tired of every vendor going "Cloud cloud cloud AI machine learning cloud!" <d1> cloud cloud cloud AI machine learning cloud! <onenerdyguy> you son of a bitchArlion2023-06-20 14:13:53 CDT
27000<oxipital> she's chinese, so i hate to say anything but.. <oxipital> i'm pretty sure she learned this practice the hard way at a foxconn plantxe0n2021-05-04 09:15:05 CDT
52700<lancehead> I did not know that was a spaceballs line | <lancehead> Never watched itJollyRgrs2021-11-16 08:05:33 CST
103900<inquprising> xe0n no I have mommy cook all my tendies for me while I shit on people who don’t have kitchen spaceJollyRgrs2023-06-21 19:33:48 CDT
104100<inquprising> gimme the cumSirSceptalot2023-06-22 08:07:36 CDT
53100<+fritzwastaken> my massages just got like 60% more expensive <+fritzwastaken> and 300% more riskycsws2021-11-17 23:06:52 CST
78700<PublicWiFi> I love a stick lolJollyRgrs2022-08-25 08:36:58 CDT
104406PattyCakes | I has a pussy on my laplancehead2023-06-27 08:22:14 CDT
104500<estranger> for some reason when I was 8 riding in a car I saw a bird take off from a field and I went "I'm going to remember this bird forever" <estranger> I still close my eyes and visualize that fuckin birdvinrock2023-06-27 12:08:09 CDT
53400spiderman | ballmer seems to have quite a bit of money spiderman | never heard of him beforemistiry2021-11-18 10:40:59 CST
79000hunterkll2022-08-27 00:00:50 CDT
104600<mistiry> something something "cunt" | <mistiry> i am Aus nowJollyRgrs2023-06-28 16:35:26 CDT
53500<Hunterkll> so that won't exactly work <sd> <J​4Y> @Hunterkll you're not rsyncing hard enoughSirSceptalot2021-11-18 23:44:28 CST
79100<sd> <n​olove> whats with all the bot spam?hunterkll2022-08-27 00:00:53 CDT
28100kindlehl | anyone want to butt-chug some brewskies?APottedPlant2021-05-13 11:16:03 CDT
104900<Hunterkll> Cl0udNinja: i mean if satan's anus was profitable <Hunterkll> i guess anything can beCl0udNinja2023-07-03 23:58:18 CDT
28201<kindlehl> they eat my petuniasgrumplestiltzkin2021-05-13 12:00:02 CDT
53800<rpifan> in the end youll be old and tired and no one is gonna care about how much you worked for a companySirSceptalot2021-11-23 03:53:54 CST
79400<Hunterkll> they wanted raw as fuck thrustfritzisahippo2022-08-29 08:08:24 CDT
105000<DrZak> if internet explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser, you're brave enough to ask that girl out.Kiernian|Work2023-07-06 04:46:20 CDT
79600<PublicWifi> i have a few memories of when I was 3, included shitting my pants | <PublicWifi> I remember the weight of my turd lolJollyRgrs2022-09-02 08:39:55 CDT
2903<PublicWiFi> unless.... this goes to the groundfritzwastaken2020-08-13 20:46:26 CDT
3000<SysAdminGoneCraZ> I have an appointment soon to go to the BodPod to find out just how fat I am lol <j​english> Do they have a DadBodPod?xe0n2020-08-29 21:25:15 CDT
79900<fritzistable> You aint lives if you aint yiffedHunterkll2022-09-03 06:02:23 CDT
105500<SirSceptalot> there's probably a cave painting out there somewhere indicating unga bunga's best pussy gamefritzishippo2023-07-10 07:55:46 CDT
54700<+sd> <N​injaStyle> So I do a new client almost weeklyJollyRgrs2021-12-02 00:35:21 CST
80300<+sd> <Phorcys> what a shame dude I love thai strippers too <fritzistable> something about his elbowJollyRgrs2022-09-07 09:58:50 CDT
105900<sd> <3la> there should be a game where your weapons are cmd's <Trifton_> that's called multi-user *nix hackingTrifton_2023-07-17 20:51:06 CDT
29200<seednode> The only lusers are the ones who sit on IRC all day smh <catbeard> that's right! <catbeard> wait a minutexe0n2021-05-20 22:47:10 CDT
106100technonerd | They upgraded the lights in the bathroom at work and I still can't see my dongPublicWiFi2023-07-20 15:15:24 CDT
106200vinrock meant: "i bring in contractors for big big jobs but if i can bang cryptic1's mom out i prefer to do it"signalblue2023-07-25 11:00:06 CDT
55105teh_f4ll3n> t 'em!SirSantalot2021-12-10 04:23:18 CST
29600<b​loody> (d) Someone please add that as a quoteenix2021-05-25 00:32:42 CDT
106400<PublicWiFi> cryptic1's mom's pronound are lb/kgJollyRgrs2023-08-10 08:55:55 CDT
80900<muppet_> FUCKING HOBBIT I KNEW ITfritzistable2022-09-14 14:47:02 CDT
55401<vinrock> i thought about bleaching my asshole onceint0x1C82021-12-10 15:12:04 CST
29905<discord_> <j​kdjeff> (d) I love discordgrumplestiltzkin2021-05-26 10:18:35 CDT
106700Arlion: bitch im gay as fuckDomLS32023-08-15 12:59:43 CDT
55600<G​ene> Why are incels similar Microsoft excel? <G​ene> Because they think everything is a date.int0x1C82021-12-15 15:16:05 CST
106800<sd> <feralterminator> I hit it with a hammer to see what was weak and it opened up like muppet's moms shortsTrifton_2023-08-17 07:14:31 CDT
81303my-cock-is-bigger-than-ursperdent2022-09-16 02:25:53 CDT
107000<estranger> basically squirt out in circles not at once heh <fritzishippo> tried to teach my wife that one <fritzishippo> she did not adapt wellSirSceptalot2023-08-18 05:33:42 CDT
107100<technonerd> Eat the a before the dDOMF2023-08-22 15:09:38 CDT
81600<Work-BWMerlin> It is okay, they will find the Discord soon enough and be amongst their own kind <Hunterkll> So why haven't you moved there yet?xe0n2022-09-19 00:33:46 CDT
107201<Hunterkll> maybe you're just stupid? <Shigbeard> thats also a factShigbeard2023-08-22 20:30:10 CDT
81701<Jay-Ros> makes the ladies say "ohm"fritzistable2022-09-19 08:10:43 CDT
30601<iphone> ipv6 rollout is as fast as a snailriff-IRC2021-05-28 15:29:23 CDT
81800<estranger> [DaddyWiFi] idle 93:16:43 <-- lol, welcome to newbaby dadlifeJollyRgrs2022-09-19 10:27:55 CDT
81900<Nerbearr> no, i have been around devs at many companiesKiernian2022-09-20 04:25:30 CDT
30901<teh_f4ll3n> what should I have for dinner? <int0x1C8> teh_f4ll3n, filet mignon <teh_f4ll3n> tired of beef <grumplestiltzkin> teh_f4ll3n, tired of beef? wtf? some kind of communist vegan?grumplestiltzkin2021-06-01 12:05:15 CDT
107800<sd> <feralterminator> I'm a certified dumb shitCl0udNinja2023-09-25 14:10:25 CDT
5500<rpifan> you are just jealous you dont get money for nothingxe0n2020-09-23 05:33:55 CDT
5700<+s-d> <R​yu> feels like to me, people can't let go of ircxe0n2020-09-26 03:49:40 CDT
108100<SirSpooksalot> listen signalblue <SirSpooksalot> listen signalblue <SirSpooksalot> here it comes <SirSpooksalot> wwooooOOOOOOOooooshsignalblue2023-10-04 09:59:20 CDT
31403<telgareith> its a mess and IANALNROL-392021-06-07 00:35:50 CDT
5710013:29:29 <Disconnect> Nowhere in the decades-old contract for `usps.com` does it mention "And support massive HIPPA-protected ordering of medical supplies. (As needed.)" So everything from contracts to culture is going to silo the crap out of that. (The only person lower than a fed contractor is a newer fed contractor. Or a subcontractor.)DrGibby2022-01-18 13:32:20 CST
6003rpifan | id be so happy if i were 6 foot tallfritzwastaken2020-09-28 13:30:04 CDT
57200<+sd> <C​olour> I am a dumb facexe0n2022-01-19 07:21:18 CST
83200<misspwn> deralick my ballsfritzistable2022-10-03 21:38:22 CDT
57700<+sd> <b​denlinger> Like wtf it's just hanging there. It's be like 12 inches from my headJollyRgrs2022-01-26 21:52:30 CST
83700<SirSpooksalot> is this a superhero prison nursery?fritzistable2022-10-07 05:23:31 CDT
84000<muppet> Mines only 12"....around.signalblue2022-10-12 15:47:21 CDT
58502<u​norganized account> i should send what my at home cluster looks <J​ay-Ros> is it a hotbed for rat orgies?Azem2022-02-01 16:48:50 CST
84100<fritzistable> I miss my methteh_f4ll3n2022-10-18 06:24:31 CDT
33000<catbeard> hi misspwn_ :3 <JollyRgrs> catbeard: srsly, you simp so hard, you're stronger than diamond handsxe0n2021-06-24 21:32:19 CDT
84204<JollyRgrs> i have experience with cmd.exe@Kanye2022-10-18 10:28:58 CDT
84300<sd> <StrongBad> Til baobab trees aren't trees at all, they're the world's largest succulent | <SirSpooksalot> YOU'RE succulent | <SirSpooksalot> wait noHunterkll2022-10-19 01:13:09 CDT
58900<epony> I like my women to have monthly maintenance, weekly is a bit dramatic. <Molnija> ah yes, sexism. <Hunterkll> Molnija: to be fair, I like my guys the same way.....xe0n2022-02-03 01:35:14 CST
7900<PublicWiFi> FLOOD * PublicWiFi was kicked by d1 (no u) <xe0n> rektxe0n2020-10-26 21:29:59 CDT
59200<+sd> <M​itchy93> Tickets are life <+sd> <M​itchy93> Proves to the business you are worthyxe0n2022-02-03 17:27:48 CST
33700quote <jimender2> Lol. This came up in my suggestions on youtube. <jimender2> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPWxcTOJfR0 <jimender2> Reminds me of discord usersgibby2021-06-30 19:26:40 CDT
59400<Hunterkll> i dunno, all the balls i've delt with move prety quick ;)JollyRgrs2022-02-04 01:50:50 CST
85100<sd> <bdenlinger> Yea as if Jon hunting wasn’t dehumanizing enough as it is.SpookyNinja2022-10-22 20:05:04 CDT
34200<+sd> <(​dm only if prod isn’t working)c> Mike, can you get me a 2080 for 650usd? <MikeSpears> Doubtful <+sd> <(​dm only if prod isn’t working)c> I will personally suck you off if you get me one for 650 or around 700xe0n2021-07-07 18:10:31 CDT
59800xe0n | he lives in his parents pineapple under the seafritzwastaken2022-02-09 08:35:22 CST
85400<Hunterkll> let me give you way too much information at oncefritzistable2022-10-26 16:34:46 CDT
34300<PublicWiFi> she'll send me pictures during breakfast sometimes just to disappoint me <oxipital> is she hawt? <mistiry> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8MyoYZvgjk <mistiry> oxipital: ^xe0n2021-07-08 08:41:59 CDT
85502<DoTheNeedful> mistiry's Quote Stats | Submitted: 36 (4.22% of all quotes). |Hunterkll2022-10-27 14:06:20 CDT
85600<DoTheNeedful> mistiry's Quote Stats | Submitted: 36 (4.22% of all quotes). | <mistiry> dang, 0.02% too muchHunterkll2022-10-27 14:07:47 CDT
60100<nx032> is there a channel history command for this server or no? <teh_f4ll3n> not since the last incident around a primary schoolzetorian2022-02-11 13:20:24 CST
85900<DrZak> cant smile, coz that shit terrifies childrencsws2022-10-28 05:36:02 CDT
86101https://foaas.com/bucket/The%20IRC%20Communityfritzistable2022-10-29 20:39:05 CDT
9400<Patrick> oooooo I love the dxe0n2020-11-07 05:06:32 CST
9603[14:01] <Patrick> something something Patrickgrumplestiltzkin2020-11-09 14:01:42 CST
35200<teh_f4ll3n> I wonder if Amazon sell gold Hamachi cables <crustacean> But what the heck is hamachi cable? <xe0n> vibrator power supply <teh_f4ll3n> That's Hitachi, xe0n. You uncultured swine <crustacean> teh_f4ll3n: Hitachi Magic Wand (trademark)xe0n2021-07-19 05:15:07 CDT
61002+sd | <P​hasey> congratulate me guys I am on my 8th fap since waking up 2 hours ago 😄fritzwastaken2022-02-16 09:50:47 CST
35500<+sd> <N​yx> what would you do if reptilians were actually running the government? <a1> you are what is wrong with the world <ravioli> rektxe0n2021-07-23 21:30:34 CDT
35601<vinrock> there wa sa scotsman at the bar last night and i realized that the way i differentiate a scottish accent is by imaginging the person yelling 'FREEEEEDOOMMMMMM' <vinrock> if it sounds like braveheart in my head i assume hes a scotsman and its proven to be somewhat accurateJollyRgrs2021-07-26 10:31:08 CDT
35704Atin Ang Mundoriff-IRC2021-07-29 22:22:01 CDT
10200<DeepSpaceK9> Tech Support started my path to hating Apple <xe0n> you're still in tech support <DeepSpaceK9> I'll always be in tech support. But the actual tech support title is where it started.xe0n2020-11-13 02:14:44 CST
87000<teh_f4ll3n> thanks, internet. Pulled muscle, heart attack, pneumonia, or pericarditis... and of course lunch cancerfritzistable2022-11-07 06:01:15 CST
35900<fritzwastaken> JollyRgrs: Penises are like monitors, once you have 2, you never go back to 1\ <@JollyRgrs> speaking from experience?JollyRgrs2021-07-29 22:25:40 CDT
87102<xe0n> k | <Trifton> kk | <estranger> kkk | <estranger> o waitTrifton2022-11-07 21:32:52 CST
87200<Hunterkll> so you'd have about 12 inches sticking out the back into the wallJollyRgrs2022-11-10 21:42:21 CST
10501<DeepSpaceK9> Aside from the squirrely updates and MS being dumb with the UI, I think the only legitimate problem I've had with W10 is the amount of data it phones home with by default.xe0n2020-11-13 22:29:32 CST
61800Baltimore accent test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2udcvuTpxdgSirSceptalot2022-02-22 10:00:17 CST
36400<+sd> <p​ublic static void ahendrix() {}> Were the positions reversed, any of our Discord users would be happy to help. <+sd> <p​ublic static void ahendrix() {}> *except* maybe Hotmess. <+sd> <p​ublic static void ahendrix() {}> He can get pretty flameyxe0n2021-08-03 23:54:18 CDT
87601<Jay-Ros> I used to do giant ducks + melee only + ride animals <Jay-Ros> but now it's all about vat-grown cyborg vampire babies with rocket launchersfritzistable2022-11-16 05:03:54 CST
36700<technonerd> touch me <technonerd> then just fsck me <technonerd> so i can repair filesystum <+xe0n> satisfaction...xe0n2021-08-05 00:04:39 CDT
87900monrud0lph (irc): hey maccas you know how I'm a sisadmin noob right? hotmess seemed to think I was a sysadmin genius when I was telling that guy how to set up an apache frontend for his wide open security system@sysadmin2022-11-17 10:43:50 CST
62401PublicWifi | dont assume im going in bare handed lolfritzwastaken2022-03-01 10:48:56 CST
11300<+s-d> <H​unterkll> @Vegan Overlord and i hate using the fucking' discord client <+s-d> <x​e0n> sucks fucking ballz <+s-d> <V​egan Overlord> Dude IRC is shit tooxe0n2020-11-20 07:28:01 CST
36901+sd | <n​emisys> buttholes say "fuck you, taste me?"fritzwastaken2021-08-05 12:21:12 CDT
11400<+s-d> <V​egan Overlord> IRC was like back in the day 1.6 cs was a thing lolxe0n2020-11-20 07:28:45 CST
37000<+xe0n> LOL you haven't poked me, you're a discord turd, i laughed lolJollyRgrs2021-08-06 18:51:29 CDT
62600<mistiry> who brags about uptime in 2022? <cryptic1> ugh god <cryptic1> is someone doing that again? <cryptic1> please noriff-IRC2022-03-01 14:43:58 CST
88200<PattyMakes> Hunterkll // <PattyMakes> did you just call me a fucking furry // <Hunterkll> yes // <PattyMakes> oh okHunterkll2022-11-23 14:27:32 CST
37101<fritzwastaken> I tried once <fritzwastaken> fucking PublicWifi <PublicWiFi> I am married afterallteh_f4ll3n2021-08-09 08:59:28 CDT
62900<PattyCakes> love me some 5 guysJollyRgrs2022-03-03 16:12:20 CST
11800<+s-d> <h​00t> any elite pen testers want to talk? <a1> what u need i'm pretty good at googlexe0n2020-11-21 22:21:52 CST
88700SantaGibby: c1's moms so fat, when she goes camping, the bears hide their food.Arlion2022-12-07 14:17:46 CST
63200<Hunterkll> it needed a serious lube job :Dteh_f4ll3n2022-03-04 06:04:21 CST
37703<+sd> <N​yx> Are any of the netgate devices worth it? <xe0n> !quote great <PublicWiFi> ask MikeSpears <+sd> <N​yx> yupxe0n2021-08-12 08:37:08 CDT
63603<PubicWifi> me and the wife learned that my dog loves cum rags lolmonr0e2022-03-11 08:42:20 CST
38300<+sd> <S​ir Sceptalot> what's up with that quoting business? <+sd> <S​ir Sceptalot> remember, I'm on discord so use simple language please <teh_f4ll3n> basically, sucks to be on Discordxe0n2021-08-13 07:26:04 CDT
63900quote <Activ8> /msg NickServ identify xwDw@pU#m8EwVTc$FTR#%#ETxYE^Vpz3nN2ZbTX2LX%%gsxnqtno3T*pmZJ7wqCUc2H!tW6BHPSxZG%ThK3V^v4XVr!M57Xepq%6Xug9WRA*eionWGUHFqWQAm7q$JD2monr0e2022-03-12 12:53:06 CST
38500<+sd> <H​unterkll> or just learn how to shoot because combat is often not in automatic <+sd> <Y​ukk> hey, I can shoot. <technonerd> just like sex blow your load in 5 secs <+sd> <Y​ukk> techonerd, I don't do the sex. <+sd> <Y​ukk> so can't relate.xe0n2021-08-15 01:09:01 CDT
64200fritzwastaken | jeez PublicWifi, you dont like Milk or buttholes, what do you like?PublicWifi2022-03-17 10:31:14 CDT
89900<PattyCows> She does have a nice cock thouhg.JollyRgrs2022-12-29 18:28:10 CST
13405<m​4221> cryptic1, MongoDB ran faster by caching indexes in memory. (edited)grumplestiltzkin2020-11-30 13:36:58 CST
39100<Hunterkll> isnt sccm already fully supported on 2022? <xe0n> yeah maybe one day <jimender2> SCCM is the software center icon right? <Hunterkll> .... yea, we'll go with th at <xe0n> lolllxe0n2021-08-20 06:00:38 CDT
3920021:03 <mistiry> jimender2: nobody quotes on-topic chat, that'd be boring afjimender22021-08-21 20:03:35 CDT
64900<+sd> <f​elda> I've been raw dogging life for 30 yearsthegodsquirrel2022-03-25 09:12:10 CDT
39400fritzwastaken | 10$ I get laid off tomorrowfritzwastaken2021-08-24 00:23:25 CDT
39500oxipital | but future john toner had a response, he sent kyle roller-grease back to protect his motherfritzwastaken22021-08-24 10:21:40 CDT
65103>sd><g​eneraal eric™> OwO <sd><g​eneraal eric™> whats this <sd><m​itchy93> Monroe wanking over my feetmonr0e2022-03-29 06:33:47 CDT
90700<fritzisdragon> My sack is basically a place for me to pin my blingSirSceptalot2023-01-11 06:59:14 CST
91000<vinrock> hoelab rack is kinda oldschool ever since virtualizationJollyRgrs2023-01-17 11:56:08 CST
14305<Steeve> broNROL-392020-12-07 12:23:47 CST
39903+sd | <r​yalln> also bois, HIP THRUST FOR THE LADIES <PublicWiFi> | hell I thought about doing them and getting that disney mom ass +sd | <r​yalln> somone turn that into a quotePublicWiFi2021-08-30 08:27:36 CDT
14503<H​otmess> whats up with hyper-v?grumplestiltzkin2020-12-09 11:05:08 CST
66000SirSceptalot> so you can get a bj as long as you don't touch her back?SlaveGeek3342692022-04-04 07:06:22 CDT
66500cryptic1 | D:fritzwastaken2022-04-06 22:27:28 CDT
41001quotedragonfleas2021-09-03 20:46:32 CDT
92200<SysAdminGoneCraZ> But fuck mevinrock2023-02-06 08:37:53 CST
41100layer8 | yuken meant: "Hunterkll suck a dick yet sadly suck a dick yet sadlylegall suck a dick yet sadlycan't."fritzwastaken2021-09-03 23:39:31 CDT
4160022:44 <Work-BWMerlin> I am worried there is a disproportionate number of quotes that involve mejimender22021-09-08 21:44:59 CDT
41700<cryptic1> !quote 375 <+sd> <A​da> i always used to get a strange kick out of clicking on those and pressing no on all the questions <+sd> <A​da> they still let you sign up if you're an underage gossiper with stds who hates quick sexxe0n2021-09-09 18:36:14 CDT
93001<Hunterkll> yea well, this is consumer internets <Hunterkll> the SLA is LOLmrghostman2023-02-09 06:11:39 CST
42100<J​ay-Ros> because 'old money trust child' would be sweetSlaveGeek3342692021-09-09 22:02:43 CDT
16602<+s-d> <H​otmess> i mean you have to setup WinRM properly <+s-d> <H​otmess> but its a superior framework for remoting, re enterprise securityxe0n2020-12-26 22:42:07 CST
42400<Wnt a new job!> Since married my net work has gone up like 500%sintax2021-09-13 10:46:07 CDT
93700<+sd> <Coldmess> wait europes a country I thought it was a placedsws2023-02-15 00:36:15 CST
68300PublicWiFi | ive offically chosen my path fritzwastaken lolfritzwastaken2022-04-20 14:38:13 CDT
93900<teh_f4ll3n> "What's the difference between a feminist and a suicide vest? At least one does something when it's triggered"Arlion2023-02-16 08:23:35 CST
42803quote Activ8 | Tiny PublicWiFifritzwastaken2021-09-15 08:58:34 CDT
68600<sd> <Y​ukk> int0x1C8, you can shove anything in there that fits, lol. So long as it doesn't cause a safety hazard.SirSceptalot2022-04-21 23:51:15 CDT
69005<Lancehead> nice : P I work at a very open office next to a major walking route so I just use weechat in WSCl0udNinja2022-04-27 14:32:31 CDT
18001<+s-d> <H​otmess> day drinking party in sysadmin voice chat <+s-d> <H​otmess> everyone welcome you beutiful ppl <+s-d> <m​4221> It is a gay old time in here.xe0n2020-12-31 11:10:43 CST
94800inquprising | im not logging in to my personal etsy at workPublicWiFi2023-02-27 08:09:52 CST
69300<teh_f4ll3n> I have plenty on my phone which I use to tease my momJollyRgrs2022-05-06 07:19:10 CDT
18301<m​4221> mistiry, your ignorance of the English language in PublicWiFi's case is quite apparent. Your stupidity and arrogance is apparent too.ekaj2020-12-31 20:28:36 CST
44500<yuken> Hunterkll, I might drive to Utah & California in the next few months. Anything I should do on my way there? <yuken> xe0n, it's for gay sex, obviously.xe0n2021-10-05 22:56:27 CDT
95705i9-7980XE / 2x 1080 Ti / 128GB ram / 2TB C: 960 Pro / 1TB NVMe / 512GB NVMe (last two just for games storage) / 6x 10TB drives / Rampage VI Extreme / all (except for pump and fittings) EK water cooling gear for everything / thermaltake tower 900 case / 2 radiatorsArlion2023-03-07 15:58:37 CST
95800<csws> constexpr, long time no see <constexpr> chat sex with sally! How r u?!SirSceptalot2023-03-08 05:40:48 CST
70300< Kiernian|Work > shouldn't it be "trains of thought"? < sd > <v​oyager2cheesesticks> Well, for @Mitchy93 it would be a "bumpy topless land rover of thought"fritzwastaken2022-05-15 00:43:18 CDT
95900<+sd> <Jay-Ros> I ain't fuckin with no kangaroo nipple flapsJollyRgrs2023-03-09 22:52:41 CST
70400PattyCakes | I enjoy MacOS because I'm apparently a simpPublicWiFi2022-05-18 13:05:41 CDT
96001Arlion: man cp Arlion: man find SirSceptalot: wrong box Arlion Arlion: man kill SirSceptalot: ruh rohArlion2023-03-13 08:53:29 CDT
96200<estranger> maaan my cat hasnt pooped yet, it has one hourSirSceptalot2023-03-15 09:51:23 CDT
70700<vinrock> how on earf did you not know about meatspin <vinrock> that shits old af <fritzwastaken> Oh I have the high scoreteh_f4ll3n2022-05-23 13:37:58 CDT
96300<bloody> sup <JollyRgrs> yo yo yo yo yo, what's up my bruther from a different mother? fo shizzle my sysadmizzle! <bloody> Sup homie, you're talkin' my language! Ain't nothin' but a sysadmin thing, ya feel me? Keepin' it real on the tech side, fo shizzle! How's the network flowin', my main man?JollyRgrs2023-03-15 21:39:03 CDT
19603<xe0n> @Rat: so if your school principle asks you to attend a forum of like minded students who are interested in computers, are you going to ask for the url? <+s-d> <R​at - Comptia ServerMonke+> yes, because if my school principle referred to a meeting as a forum it would give the automatic impression that he is referring to an online forum xe0n <+Hunterkll> must be somexe0n2021-01-11 19:42:36 CST
70800thegodsquirrel | Still like dick after a power napfritzwastaken2022-05-24 13:42:51 CDT
70900int0x1C8: "whoever told you dogs shouldn't take LSD clearly was not a dog on LSD"signofzeta2022-05-24 15:03:00 CDT
96500<constexpr> yeah and you've been butplugging with us for the last several hours <Hunterkll> yea so?SirSceptalot2023-03-17 05:24:19 CDT
71100<sd> <X​eLaD> and these guys are fuckingint0x1C82022-05-31 09:50:53 CDT
96800<Dismas> I have no idea what IRC isPublicWiFi2023-03-21 10:54:15 CDT
20100<+s-d> <p​yathalon> xhamster seemed to have a purge too, a lot of my bookmarks disappeared <+s-d> <p​yathalon> or rather greyed-outxe0n2021-01-13 21:45:22 CST
45801<Hunterkll> and, well, if you're using a non-UEFI system..... something's gone horribly wrongriff-IRC2021-10-18 05:25:49 CDT
97000<lancehead> Also same. She's goofy as hell and she looks inbred but I love erSirSceptabot2023-03-25 05:24:29 CDT
20300<+s-d> <2​077> who do you get openstack support from <+s-d> <d​ismal_scientist> I don’t think we do <+s-d> <2​077> stunning and bravexe0n2021-01-14 07:48:04 CST
97100<fritziztable> wut wut <fritzistable> in my buttmonr0e2023-03-27 03:20:02 CDT
46205< dragonfleas> ███████████████████████████████ < dragonfleas> ████╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬████ < dragonfleas> ██╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬██ < dragonfleas>m42212021-10-18 22:52:59 CDT
97400<fruity_tomato> stick the pointy end up their arsefritzistable2023-03-29 07:25:31 CDT
71900<PublicWifi> !quote pudding <DoTheNeedful> Unable to locate a quote matching the search term: pudding <PublicWifi> disappointmonr0e2022-06-13 11:33:25 CDT
72000* | PublicWiFi MAKES GOAT NOISESfritzwastaken2022-06-13 13:21:41 CDT
97600<fruity_tomato> you lasted longer than mistiry's patiencefritzistable2023-03-30 09:20:40 CDT
20901<yuken> aaa, I might buy a PinePhone <yuken> $199 for the 3GB model, even has a Debian logo!xe0n2021-01-22 01:23:13 CST
46601<+sd> <g​iraffe> do sysadmins spend their time on IRC all day long? 😐 <+sd> <g​iraffe> also why using irc over discordxe0n2021-10-20 08:25:33 CDT
21100<+s-d> <w​aiting for you> Does anyone like the clothing brand called coochee? <derpadmin> isn't coochee a vag in some languagexe0n2021-01-24 21:05:35 CST
46801<spiderman> well terrorism is technically an act of godsignalblue2021-10-20 20:06:09 CDT
98001PattyCakes | I haven't been able to get hard since like 2003mrghostman2023-03-31 09:30:02 CDT
98200<teh_f4ll3n> almost as painful as "cummy wummy"?fritzistable2023-04-03 09:11:43 CDT
98400<+PattyCakes> hahahahahahahahahahahaha <SirSceptalot> s/a/onk <+layer8> PattyCakes meant: "honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk "fritzistable2023-04-04 03:30:21 CDT
73000fritzwastokin | Hmmm, constant access to really good weeb?fritzwastokin2022-06-22 06:08:08 CDT
22000<jimender2> HTML needs to die <xe0n> or you just learn it ;x <jimender2> drag and drop html is so much betterxe0n2021-01-31 19:42:12 CST
98801<constexpr> welcome to #reddit-sysadmin, IRC's home of "no thigh gap"zippyy2023-04-07 08:42:52 CDT
73300<Hunterkll> HA means different things for different scopes <xe0n> like for instance, i was pretty high and available last nightSirSceptalot2022-06-24 08:00:56 CDT
98900* PattyCakes shakes his shorty shortsJollyRgrs2023-04-07 09:18:53 CDT
99000<estranger> that thing everyone uses backwards and they think sucks but makes your life so much easier if you flip it around <estranger> (like your mom)SirSceptalot2023-04-11 06:44:37 CDT
22304<enix> It was a road I was getting trained up to go down, and it's a really interesting side of the industrygrumplestiltzkin2021-02-02 17:09:01 CST
48100<haise01> !quote <+sd> <C​olour> Haha love the cli is a waste of time one <+sd> <s​ysadmin> CLI is a waste of time <+sd> <s​ysadmin> And I been in the field for a decadexe0n2021-10-27 06:51:04 CDT
73700lancehead (~lancehead@user/lancehead) has quit (Quit: and remember kids, single mothers under 35 count as "crazy" for the "don't stick your dick in crazy" rule)fritzwastaken2022-06-27 09:57:46 CDT
73800misspwn | and i just takecare of stuff through the backendfritzislearning2022-06-27 21:53:27 CDT
22701Jaelae> it was the only one i could find that would fit my skinny spotgrumplestiltzkin2021-02-05 12:28:51 CST
99500<+estranger> python is not ADA compliantfritzishippo2023-04-14 13:54:04 CDT
22800<+s-d> <n​ullrend> to be fair most of the time if you don't see the GUI on a Windows install it usually means there's something wrong <+Hunterkll> @nullrend .... what? that means someone did it *right*xe0n2021-02-09 03:50:43 CST
74000PublicWiFi │ its kinda short atm actually PublicWiFi │ :(fritziswaving2022-06-30 16:02:46 CDT
99600<Riviera> lol look at that fartfrog expert right over therefritzishippo2023-04-15 16:14:15 CDT
74302SirSceptalot │ I dunno, I'll see it when it gets here. It supposedly has a flashlite and little knife or somethingfritzisfadeder2022-07-04 08:15:55 CDT
23200CheckYourSix> Are there publicly searchable logs for this channel on the internet?jimender22021-02-23 19:06:46 CST
49001+sd <sysadmin> Hobadee_: As of 2005, the term FSMO has been deprecated in favour of operations masters Hobadee_ (irc): s​ysadmin, OMFG! Can people stop renaming everything!? I have a hard enough time remembering all the damn terms as it is!signalblue2021-10-29 13:29:52 CDT
49202<CptLuxx> good thing about pukingHurdyGurdyBurdy2021-10-30 18:41:37 CDT
100600<mistiry> just boof it <Arlion> I've done that once and it was maggiiiccaaalllllArlion2023-04-28 09:18:29 CDT
49601<+sd> <L​ancehead> Also, @ SirSceptalot, can you mail me a large sheet metal penis? For wall decoration?csws2021-11-02 04:07:22 CDT
24100<+s-d_> <j​kdjeff> I love yubikeys but people lose them at a ridiculous rate <+Hunterkll> i've yet to lose one, myself <+s-d_> <j​kdjeff> well, we've established that you're perfect in every way, soxe0n2021-03-11 23:37:30 CST
101100<susan wilson> I'll teach anyone interested how to trade and earn 50k in just 72hrs from the crypto market.. Drop a direct message (HOW) for more details. <teh_f4ll3n> fuck off, bot <susan wilson> You are the botArlion2023-05-10 11:07:34 CDT
24401<SAGC> Never fucking again though.NROL-392021-03-15 17:08:21 CDT
24503<hackerman1337-xo> Tom Anderson you can print up t-shirts "I visited $OrgName and all I got was this lousy brand" 11:03 AM or "$OrgName has a serious *branding* problem"jimender22021-03-17 10:07:31 CDT
24601<polar_> disregard phone, acquire tendiesgrumplestiltzkin2021-03-17 10:12:46 CDT
75900PublicWiFi │ how does the poo particles not fly around on your balls/taint/butt cheeksfritzistable2022-07-18 09:48:28 CDT
76000Hunterkll2022-07-19 16:04:26 CDT
101600<sd> <Shigbeard> and she cant get enough of it, its ear piercing levels of loudSirSceptalot2023-05-17 07:23:28 CDT
2490021:10:34 <+s-d> <H​otmess> huh guess i was wrong. last i heard the secret service were after them for creating their own currecnyd12021-03-24 21:15:34 CDT
76100<Arlion> if i could stick my nose higher farther up your butthole, i would.Hunterkll2022-07-19 16:04:37 CDT
101800<PattyCakes> I LOVE FURRY BUTTSJollyRgrs2023-05-18 21:35:11 CDT
50705<xe0n> okay im outSirSceptalot2021-11-04 09:14:35 CDT
76400<Arlion> i love dutch ovensvinrock2022-07-22 13:48:05 CDT
102100<A-KO> I've been bored all day. I can't find my socks.fritzishippo2023-05-21 20:46:28 CDT
25401<+s-d> <f​elda> I'm golfing at a 9 hole club in town that has no practice range. <+s-d> <f​elda> The other problem is I'm a lefty, but I learned to golf with a right handed set because lefty sets are more expensive.xe0n2021-04-06 08:26:04 CDT
102200<+sd> <Mantisek> i dont really care about the password length being 64 chars tbh, that's a security consultant reading too much into quantum computersfritzishippo2023-05-21 21:35:22 CDT
25501csws> my master is down right now due to a fire tho lolgrumplestiltzkin2021-04-06 11:37:17 CDT